Cats in Raleigh: Buckles+Dolfy

I always hear people talk about how photographing their kids is a lot harder than photographing other people’s kids. I think this is also true of your cats, which (if you’re like us) are your kids… only the furry, four-legged kind. I’ve been realizing lately how little I take pictures of our own little guys. We have a lot on our phones, but not true genuine pictures. So, while there’s still down time for another month before wedding season, I took some pictures of our boys. :) The CSP Spokescats are ready for the 2012 wedding season… and they’re chasing their tails and sleeping with their mouths open to prove it.

Cat Key:

Dolfy (“Dolfs”, “D”) – Brown stripped tabby

Buckles (“Beebs”, “B”) – Tuxedo cat


    mary ann durand

    Is Dolphy flicking us off?? Oh and my nose got stuffing just looking at the pics. haha. missss you!


    Love the beautiful kitty closeups – the luminious eyes, the velvety noses, the claws, the teeth, the agile leaps. The photos capture the contrast of cozy and wild that makes cats irresistible.


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