I always hear people talk about how photographing their kids is a lot harder than photographing other people’s kids. I think this is also true of your cats, which (if you’re like us) are your kids… only the furry, four-legged kind. I’ve been realizing lately how little I take pictures of our own little guys. We have a lot on our phones, but not true genuine pictures. So, while there’s still down time for another month before wedding season, I took some pictures of our boys. :) The CSP Spokescats are ready for the 2012 wedding season… and they’re chasing their tails and sleeping with their mouths open to prove it.

Cat Key:

Dolfy (“Dolfs”, “D”) – Brown stripped tabby

Buckles (“Beebs”, “B”) – Tuxedo cat

my baby is two years old today! he really doesn’t seem that old. still clumsy and has a little squeal of a meow like he’s a 13 year-old girl at a fall out boy concert. he’s seriously non-stop adorable and  follows me around like my own personal fan club. he’s just like that dog in the movie up…”i’m hiding under your porch because i love you!”

here’s to your little self, buckles.


why 365?

day 47/365

the continued adventures of buckles & dolfy. our kittens have this big tree/kitten climber thingy in the basement that is used as a continual hub for harassing each other and climbing on the top of the window blinds. usually this happens as geoff is trying to work (his office is in the basement) and i attempt to do laundry and photograph the action.  it usually goes something like this: buckles runs around, dolfy chases and harasses him, until buckles gets super annoyed and claims stake to the top bunk of the kitten tree, looking angry. see below.

kitten kitten kitten

why 365?