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The Downtown Raleigh Alliance Annual Convention at the Raleigh Convention Center

As some of you may or may not know, I am an on-site photographer for the Downtown Raleigh Alliance… meaning that when they host an event or activity, they frequently call me to do freelance work for them. They use my photographs in publications for the city and various Raleigh magazines. They do an amazing amount of positive work for downtown Raleigh and I’m always more than happy to work for them! On February 23rd, they hosted the Annual Convention at the Raleigh Convention Center and I was on-board to photograph it. It was an excellent convention with stylish decorations and an amazing speaker. Awards were given out to several prominent members of the community, including CAM and other downtown businesses that have made a positive impact on the community this year. The guest speaker was Roger Brooks, President of Desintation Development International and author of author of several books about how to turn your city into a destination.

And if you get a chance to stop by the Downtown Raleigh Alliance office on South Wilmington, pick up a copy of the 2011 Annual Report, a Raleigh Map & Guide, or a Year in Sponsorships (2012-2013) booklet to see my photography featured! *End of shameless self-promotion* ;)


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