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Meaghan+TJ are engaged and like autumn

Meaghan and TJ just moved up from Charleston where there wasn’t too much seasonal change, so they were pretty excited to do their engagement pictures in Raleigh in the fall with the leaves and the prettiness and so on. And the leaves were looking GREAT!! And then Sandy came through and blew a bunch of them away. :) But no fear! There were still some left in this forest! So we grabbed their props and walked down the lane and took pictures with the trees. We also, bizarrely enough, stumbled upon some sort of army training exercise where a bunch of guys in camo with artillery were sneaking around the woods that surrounded us. We really wanted them to pop up a few feet away in the background of the pictures, but alas, it was not to be. So we made our own fun by talking about silly stuff and being generally goofy and them being obviously cute and we found the NC State horses who were pretty photogenic but not as much as Meaghan and TJ. :) 


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