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Sara+Kevin Get Married

Sara and Kevin got married at the Wake County Courthouse on Monday, April 1st (no foolin’) and then brought us along to document the aftermath… which was essentially them running around with us. :D They had been together for 9 years and are originally from Pittsburgh as well, but now live down here! We didn’t know each other up there, so Sara was really excited when she found us and together the four of us complained about Pennsylvania weather and various other Pittsburgh-related complaints and joys. Sara’s dad even does a lot of acting work for the film students at Point Park, which is my alma mater (Gooooo Pioneers!), and gets frequently type cast as the Italian mobster even though he is not Italian (which I can testify to as he gave me an awesome movie they made where he plays the feared Italian mobster dad who threatens people, beats them up, and says things like, “You know what my problem is?”, “You made a mistake stepping into my territory.”, and “He sold us out to the feds!” It was amazing).

Down here in the south, Sara’s an OR technician at a Lasik office and Kevin’s a firefighter. We’re trying to convince them to join our Tough Mudder team in November so Kevin can rescue all of us during the part where we run through a bunch of on-fire hay bales. They both love each other, Seinfeld, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and their adorable dog Winnie who joined us at the Flying Saucer at the end of the shoot. :) They were awesome sports climbing in trees, climbing through trees, climbing down trees, and generally putting up with us for a while on their wedding day. Sara and Kevin are amazing people, super kind, and generally awesome. Please join us in wishing them a huge congratulations on their marriage!


    Nothing Bill and Janet Day

    Congratulations! May God bless you both with many years of good health, wealth, peace, joy and love.
    Great Pictures of your special day!


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