Way, way back in February of 2010, we photographed our 5th wedding ever of Dottie and Jon (ignore the ill-fitted blog post pictures, they’re leftover from an old blog formatting, but here it is!). Ariana was the maid of honor, and Matt was the best man. They talked and danced and were generally adorable, so Geoff and I were under the impression that they were already dating. We found out recently that it was actually the first time they were meeting. :) Awesomely, we have pictures of it, and now here we are, five years later, photographing their wedding. It is not only awesome to be a part of their first meeting, but it’s amazing to know that they’ve followed us all this time and asked us to be a part of their wedding day as well. They’re lovely, talented, beautiful people and we’re so honored to be a part of their lives! Plus, we got to see Dottie, Jon, and their families (including their 3 year old son!) again after five years, so it was a great reunion for me and Geoff too. :) I’m not going to write too much as I’m trying to make my posts a little bit shorter (next to impossible), but enjoy the pictures, feel the love, and enjoy the first kickoff to our 2015 wedding season!

Bride getting makeup done Bride getting ready Bridesmaid getting hair done Earrings and wedding rings Bridesmaid steaming dress Bride getting makeup done Getting ready for a wedding Ringbearer high-fiving bridesmaid Bride getting makeup done Bride reflection in hand mirror Mom hugging son Closeup of bridal hair twist Bride opening jewelry from groom Bride reading letter from groom Ringbearer getting dressed Bride putting on shoes Bride putting on dress Bride and bridesmaid high-five Groom receiving guitar present from bride Groom hugging mother Groomsmen walking Groom portrait and wedding cake Ring bearer and How to Train your Dragon toy Bride and maid of honor laughing River Landing Lodge Wallace NC Bridesmaids laughing Wedding guests Black and white portrait of bride Wedding guests Bridal portrait and wedding table setup River Landing Wallace NC Grandmother waiting for wedding Groom's reaction watching bride walk down aisle Bride walking down the aisle with father Bride hugging father Wedding at River Landing Lodge Wallace NC Groom giving a thumbs up Riverfront wedding outdoors in North Carolina Reading during wedding ceremony River wedding ceremony Exchanging rings Recessing down wedding aisle Groom hugging grandmother Bride on beach Bridal party laughing Bride and groom walking Bride and groom portrait Bride and groom portrait on beach Bigfoot socks Bride walking on beach Bride walking in sand Bride and groom close up portrait Bride and groom portrait near water Bride and groom walking down beach Back of bride's dress Bride laughing on beach Bride and groom hugging on beach Bride and groom walking in sand Bride and groom in strange light Bride and groom walking Table setup for wedding reception Wedding guests looking at baby Wedding guests Fireplace at wedding reception Wedding at River Landing Wallace NC Wedding reception table setup First dance as husband and wife Cheesecake at wedding Speech at wedding reception Davis Messina Band Dancing at wedding reception Space heaters at wedding reception Davis Messina Band Wedding guests hugging Groom singing at wedding reception Guests at wedding reception Groom playing guitar at wedding Guests at wedding Groom with Davis Messina Band Bride and groom hug Dancing at wedding reception Dancing at wedding reception Last dance at wedding Sparkler exit at wedding

  • Date: March 28, 2015
  • Ceremony and Reception Venue: The River Lodge at River Landing // Wallace, NC
  • First Dance: “The Luckiest” – Ben Folds Five
  • Ariana’s Occupation: Freelance musician and cello teacher
  • Matt’s Occupation: Bioprocessing Associate at Humacyte
  • How You Met: At our Best Man/Maid of Honor’s wedding. If I remember, you guys were the photographers?
  • Interesting Fact: We bonded over our love of music. Mostly The Beatles.
  • Honeymoon: The Earth.
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Pastor Mac Schafer | Band – Davis Messina Band | Florist – W Designs and jaGG Classic Wholesale | Cake – Uprising Bakery | Caterer – Mad Boar Restaurant | Hair – Keisha Mangum of Clip TeaZe Salon | Makeup – The Makeup Team of NC | Ceremony Musician – Victoria Walls, Piano

Sara+Kevin Get Married

Sara and Kevin got married at the Wake County Courthouse on Monday, April 1st (no foolin’) and then brought us along to document the aftermath… which was essentially them running around with us. :D They had been together for 9 years and are originally from Pittsburgh as well, but now live down here! We didn’t know each other up there, so Sara was really excited when she found us and together the four of us complained about Pennsylvania weather and various other Pittsburgh-related complaints and joys. Sara’s dad even does a lot of acting work for the film students at Point Park, which is my alma mater (Gooooo Pioneers!), and gets frequently type cast as the Italian mobster even though he is not Italian (which I can testify to as he gave me an awesome movie they made where he plays the feared Italian mobster dad who threatens people, beats them up, and says things like, “You know what my problem is?”, “You made a mistake stepping into my territory.”, and “He sold us out to the feds!” It was amazing).

Down here in the south, Sara’s an OR technician at a Lasik office and Kevin’s a firefighter. We’re trying to convince them to join our Tough Mudder team in November so Kevin can rescue all of us during the part where we run through a bunch of on-fire hay bales. They both love each other, Seinfeld, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and their adorable dog Winnie who joined us at the Flying Saucer at the end of the shoot. :) They were awesome sports climbing in trees, climbing through trees, climbing down trees, and generally putting up with us for a while on their wedding day. Sara and Kevin are amazing people, super kind, and generally awesome. Please join us in wishing them a huge congratulations on their marriage!