We had been looking forward to meeting Sarah and Jason in person for so long! We virtually met them a while back for their wedding where they charmed the pants off of us (figuratively, not literally, although we were Skyping so I may have had on pajamas pants secretly, but they would’ve stayed on because I’m always cold and that would’ve been weird). Anyway, we liked them a lot and were super excited to venture out to Winston-Salem to shoot their wedding. It was the first wedding we’ve experienced in eight years that referenced Mad Max: Fury Road several times in the actual ceremony and where the officiant threatened to spray paint them. It was also our first blue dress (which we LOVED!!) and my first bride who got ready to a playlist of music that included a lot of Andrew W.K. (I don’t know where there’s not more Andrew W.K. in everyone’s life).

Also, take a look at those paper bouquets and boutonnieres and say a little blessing for Sarah’s mom’s hands. She made every one of those flowers, and dedicated an hour or two every night starting in January. They were cut out from paper and comic books in layers, folded, and glued together. She is a saint. Did you see the wonderful bouquet stems that are actually lightsabers? Those were very kindly donated to the wedding cause by some younger kids who took apart their toys so they could be used as bouquets. Later in the evening the adults took apart the flowers, reassembled the light sabers, and went to town.

We had an awesome time working with Sarah and Jason. They are hilarious and fun and Sarah is a GREAT wedding dress spinner and I maaaay have requested that she “spin around real quick until you get sick. Keep going! Still keep going! Keep goinnng” and then Sarah almost did get sick but not quite because she is a spinning champion. Congratulations, friends. May you spin and spin and never get sick.

  • Date: October 15, 2016
  • Ceremony Venue: Grace Court Park // Winston-Salem, NC
  • Reception Venue: Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts // Winston-Salem, NC
  • First Dance Song: “I Gotta Have You” – The Weepies
  • Sarah’s Occupation: Digital Advertising
  • Jason’s Occupation: Concierge/Office Manager/Writer/Jack of all Trades
  • How You Met: We met sophomore year of high school. Our first date was Junior Prom.
  • Interesting Fact: Jason has a podcast with our friend Kelsey called “Ruin My Life.” Everyone should check it out! Sarah is the voice of a doll.
  • Honeymoon: Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in California.
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant –Brad Canning. Emcee – Daniel Dockery. Paper Flowers – Sarah’s Mom, Debbie. Regular Flowers – House of Plants. Cake – Katy’s Cakery. Caterer – The Porch. Hair/Makeup – Heather Foster of Escape Salon. Coordinator – Micaiah Norby of Orangerie Events.

Sara+Kevin Get Married

Sara and Kevin got married at the Wake County Courthouse on Monday, April 1st (no foolin’) and then brought us along to document the aftermath… which was essentially them running around with us. :D They had been together for 9 years and are originally from Pittsburgh as well, but now live down here! We didn’t know each other up there, so Sara was really excited when she found us and together the four of us complained about Pennsylvania weather and various other Pittsburgh-related complaints and joys. Sara’s dad even does a lot of acting work for the film students at Point Park, which is my alma mater (Gooooo Pioneers!), and gets frequently type cast as the Italian mobster even though he is not Italian (which I can testify to as he gave me an awesome movie they made where he plays the feared Italian mobster dad who threatens people, beats them up, and says things like, “You know what my problem is?”, “You made a mistake stepping into my territory.”, and “He sold us out to the feds!” It was amazing).

Down here in the south, Sara’s an OR technician at a Lasik office and Kevin’s a firefighter. We’re trying to convince them to join our Tough Mudder team in November so Kevin can rescue all of us during the part where we run through a bunch of on-fire hay bales. They both love each other, Seinfeld, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and their adorable dog Winnie who joined us at the Flying Saucer at the end of the shoot. :) They were awesome sports climbing in trees, climbing through trees, climbing down trees, and generally putting up with us for a while on their wedding day. Sara and Kevin are amazing people, super kind, and generally awesome. Please join us in wishing them a huge congratulations on their marriage!