We had been looking forward to meeting Sarah and Jason in person for so long! We virtually met them a while back for their wedding where they charmed the pants off of us (figuratively, not literally, although we were Skyping so I may have had on pajamas pants secretly, but they would’ve stayed on because I’m always cold and that would’ve been weird). Anyway, we liked them a lot and were super excited to venture out to Winston-Salem to shoot their wedding. It was the first wedding we’ve experienced in eight years that referenced Mad Max: Fury Road several times in the actual ceremony and where the officiant threatened to spray paint them. It was also our first blue dress (which we LOVED!!) and my first bride who got ready to a playlist of music that included a lot of Andrew W.K. (I don’t know where there’s not more Andrew W.K. in everyone’s life).

Also, take a look at those paper bouquets and boutonnieres and say a little blessing for Sarah’s mom’s hands. She made every one of those flowers, and dedicated an hour or two every night starting in January. They were cut out from paper and comic books in layers, folded, and glued together. She is a saint. Did you see the wonderful bouquet stems that are actually lightsabers? Those were very kindly donated to the wedding cause by some younger kids who took apart their toys so they could be used as bouquets. Later in the evening the adults took apart the flowers, reassembled the light sabers, and went to town.

We had an awesome time working with Sarah and Jason. They are hilarious and fun and Sarah is a GREAT wedding dress spinner and I maaaay have requested that she “spin around real quick until you get sick. Keep going! Still keep going! Keep goinnng” and then Sarah almost did get sick but not quite because she is a spinning champion. Congratulations, friends. May you spin and spin and never get sick.

  • Date: October 15, 2016
  • Ceremony Venue: Grace Court Park // Winston-Salem, NC
  • Reception Venue: Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts // Winston-Salem, NC
  • First Dance Song: “I Gotta Have You” – The Weepies
  • Sarah’s Occupation: Digital Advertising
  • Jason’s Occupation: Concierge/Office Manager/Writer/Jack of all Trades
  • How You Met: We met sophomore year of high school. Our first date was Junior Prom.
  • Interesting Fact: Jason has a podcast with our friend Kelsey called “Ruin My Life.” Everyone should check it out! Sarah is the voice of a doll.
  • Honeymoon: Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in California.
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant –Brad Canning. Emcee – Daniel Dockery. Paper Flowers – Sarah’s Mom, Debbie. Regular Flowers – House of Plants. Cake – Katy’s Cakery. Caterer – The Porch. Hair/Makeup – Heather Foster of Escape Salon. Coordinator – Micaiah Norby of Orangerie Events.

Laurie and Dwight live in West Virginia, so the first time we Skype-met with them, they held up their obese tuxedo cat… and we held up our obese tuxedo cat… and it was love at first Skype. They’ve gone on to be great clients of ours and we were so thrilled to be able to join them at their wedding at Graylyn Estate in Winston-Salem last weekend! Graylyn is a massive conference center that basically serves as a company meeting retreat. It’s giant and seemingly endless and I think you could take pictures anywhere inside and outside and they’d be awesome. Their reception was held on top of a pool. Yes. On top. They put down a wooden floor with steel support beams on top of their indoor pool in the summertime and leave it up for wedding season, then take it down afterward so the guests can swim (it takes them four hours to take the floor back up). The whole place is pretty fascinating and is kind of a combination of some European castle and the Shining’s Overlook Hotel.

Our fantastic couple is kind of from all over the place (there was an animated map at their rehearsal dinner that illustrated their various points of habitation and I lost track after a little bit). I do know that they met in San Francisco after meeting online. I also know that Laurie is a dentist who then, after becoming an exclusive couple, practiced cavity fillings on Dwight (it was more legit than it sounds, don’t worry). They have a beautiful and supportive network of family and friends who love them (and nicely poke fun at them), and two cats who are excited to have their parents legitimately unionized. We’re kind of jealous and a little bitter that Laurie and Dwight neglected to book us a flight with them so we could go back to St. John, but we wish them a happy and safe experience while they’re there and we’ll only give them the stink eye a little bit when they get back and are tanner than the rest of us.


Date: May 3, 2014

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Graylyn Estate // Winston-Salem, NC

First Dance Song: “This Guy’s in Love with You” – Herb Alpert

Laurie’s Occupation: General and Family Dentist

Dwight’s Occupation: Regional Business Manager at Genetech (Bio-Tech Company)

How You Met: OK Cupid Online Dating in San Francisco

Interesting Facts about Laurie and Dwight: Moved from San Francisco to Morgantown, West Virginia.  Live with two cats named after cheeses (Brie and Stilton).  Laurie played college tennis at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA.  Dwight was a federally registered refugee from Hurricane Katrina.

Honeymoon Destination: Caneel Bay Resort in St. John, USVI

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Rev. Lisa Schwartz UUFWS | DJ – A&A DJ | Florist – Artfully Arranged | Cake – Cake and All Things Yummy | Caterer – Graylyn | Hair/Makeup – Trend Setters | Videographer – Lightwater Productions | Coordinator – Erin McLean Events | Transportation – Black Tie Limousine