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Erika and Emmanuel Are Engaged

THESE TWO. We’re kind of partial to them because they lend us awesome British sci-fi movies with tag lines like “Inner City vs. Outer Space” and make us gluten-free cupcakes. Emmanuel currently has some of our comics out on loan, and we’d totally be borrowing his Walking Dead video game right now if we had a Playstation, but we don’t, so that exchange will have to wait. We even played Catch Phrase once where Erika was on my team, and I’m pretty sure she said, “Wild Goose Run” at least twice before I could coax “Wild Goose Chase” out of her and I won’t let her live it down (despite us being the best team and always winning). We like ’em a whole lot.

So they wanted to do a more candid-type engagement shoot because Erika’s smile starts to fade after forced-smiling for so long, so they proposed a cooking photo shoot. They both like cooking and baking. A lot. A whole, whole lot. Brunch is their favorite meal and I am pretty sure each time we’ve been with them, they talk about recipes. It’s pretty adorable, and I envy their knowledge of how to make things super tasty as well as local restaurant knowledge. They also watch a lot of Drunk Kitchen on Youtube (Google this – it’s awesome) so it was an appropriate idea. But they needed a kitchen and asked if they could use ours, and we said SURE! Because we like them, and also knew we’d get tasty things out of the deal (which we certainly did – jerk chicken with rice and margarita cupcakes!). So it’s kind of strange to see our own kitchen on the blog, but here it is!

They also just recently completed a Color Run, and liked it a whole lot. So they bought the colored powder for the session and threw it at each other (not in our kitchen). Then, covered in colored powder, we drove them back and ate delicious things and were very happy. Erika and Emmanuel get married in July and we will be there to eat their tasty food (and photograph them).


    Nothing Melissa Tuck

    This session is off-the-charts awesome/my favorite/amazing/the BEST! I want to know these people and be their friends. Such a great job, y’all! And I totes appreciate that huge bottle of Texas Pete in your fridge. :)

      Nothing Carolyn

      BAHAHA yes, Texas Pete!!! Glad you noticed and appreciated our love for hot condiments. ;) Thanks, Melissa!

    Nothing Mumsy Foster

    I loved the comments at the beginning, the good times in the kitchen and the vibrant colors of the color powder excursion. Beautifully illustrated and very memorable. Thank you for taking such great pictures of my daughter and future son-in-law. :>)

      Nothing Carolyn

      Thank you, Erika’s mom!!! You have an amazing daughter and future son-in-law!!


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