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Lindsay + Jonathon + Beaumont in Pittsburgh, PA

I went to high school with the very lovely and talented Lindsay and was so happy to be contacted by her and her fiancé Jon for their engagement pictures! I went to high school with Jon too, and not that he wasn’t very lovely and talented, but we didn’t know each other then so I can’t comment on just how lovely and talented I’m sure he was at the time. ;) I can say that I’m very happy to have finally met him and that he’s a wonderful person and an amazing match for Lindsay. They love each other very much, writing adorable things about one another in the questionnaire we gave them, and they were super easy to work with despite us dragging them down back alleys in Oakmont and putting them next to construction dumpsters. :D They wanted the session to feel romantic, and while dumpsters don’t seem romantic at the time, they look REALLY good, ok?

The adorable white ball of fluff that you see in the beginning of this post is Beaumont, the happiest of all terriers. Lindsay saw a Cesar Dog Food commercial and decided that she must have a Westie… which I kind of think is an amazing inspiration for adopting a dog. They got one, named him Beaumont which sounds quite regal, and he lives up to his darling name. He can play dead and high-five and just generally runs around being cute. He has a super loving home with Lindsay and Jon and tells us that he is very excited for his parents to finally be married.

We’re so excited to be photographing the wedding of these two next summer! We will miss Beaumont’s presence, but maybe we can Skype him in?


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