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Erin+Nick // Married in Raleigh.

This is the second time this month that we’ve have a portrait session in wedding garb! We love doing shoots like this, so we were excited when Erin contacted us. She and Nick were married in October, but wanted to have some more wedding pictures in their much loved city of Raleigh before taking the plunge and moving to their new city of Durham (which we’ve promised them they’ll love just as much!), and, more importantly, they wanted photos in their wedding outfits with their beloved dog Beaux.

You guys, just take a look at Beaux. He joined us in the second half of the session at a park near their house and I almost died from the cuteness. I think everyone else almost died from exhaustion after hearing me say, “It’s Beaux time!” over and over again as an ode to the Bojangle’s commercials and this adorable Corgi in front of me (sorry guys). He wore a bow tie and ran surprisingly fast for being so low to the ground. And while I can’t say he enjoyed having his picture taken, he did tolerate it once he quickly learned that it will get him bacon treats.

Now, I don’t want to make this session with these two lovely people entirely about Beaux (even though I kind of do because he’s so cute). But Erin and Nick are adorable too! Erin wore her lovely lace wedding dress and Nick wore his grandfather’s tux from the 1930s which is in amazingly immaculate condition. Nick is really into plants (he’s a landscape architect) and specifically urban foliage so we had a good time watching him geek out over plants growing beside some pipes and bricks in the Warehouse District. We can’t wait for these guys to explore the urban foliage and awesomeness that is Durham when they move! And you guys… we are so excited for Beaux to live in Durham too.


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