This is the second time this month that we’ve have a portrait session in wedding garb! We love doing shoots like this, so we were excited when Erin contacted us. She and Nick were married in October, but wanted to have some more wedding pictures in their much loved city of Raleigh before taking the plunge and moving to their new city of Durham (which we’ve promised them they’ll love just as much!), and, more importantly, they wanted photos in their wedding outfits with their beloved dog Beaux.

You guys, just take a look at Beaux. He joined us in the second half of the session at a park near their house and I almost died from the cuteness. I think everyone else almost died from exhaustion after hearing me say, “It’s Beaux time!” over and over again as an ode to the Bojangle’s commercials and this adorable Corgi in front of me (sorry guys). He wore a bow tie and ran surprisingly fast for being so low to the ground. And while I can’t say he enjoyed having his picture taken, he did tolerate it once he quickly learned that it will get him bacon treats.

Now, I don’t want to make this session with these two lovely people entirely about Beaux (even though I kind of do because he’s so cute). But Erin and Nick are adorable too! Erin wore her lovely lace wedding dress and Nick wore his grandfather’s tux from the 1930s which is in amazingly immaculate condition. Nick is really into plants (he’s a landscape architect) and specifically urban foliage so we had a good time watching him geek out over plants growing beside some pipes and bricks in the Warehouse District. We can’t wait for these guys to explore the urban foliage and awesomeness that is Durham when they move! And you guys… we are so excited for Beaux to live in Durham too.

Once upon a time a girl from North Carolina (well, kind of… she lived in a lot of places, but she went to school at UNC so I’m going to simplify this whole thing and say she’s from North Carolina) and a guy from Mississippi met while both attending the University of Texas at Austin. Then they both got jobs back in Mississippi and moved back there. Then they got engaged and decided to get married back at Stacey’s parents’ retirement home that they built on an old tobacco farm in Pinehurst, NC (but not without an Ole Miss stadium groom’s cake with lots of tiny little sprinkles for people).

Now these two will settle back down in Mississippi together while holding the title of one of the most adorable couples of all time. Their wedding was a beautiful (but very hot) day and a flurry of activity with the biggest bridal party we’ve ever had (whose numbers, we’ve discovered, are standard of a Mississippi wedding). The reception was held in Stacey’s mom’s backyard at a house that her parents built together shortly before her father passed away in 2008, so it was a very important factor into where to have their reception and an absolutely beautiful and meaningful location. Everyone had a fantastic time as it turns out that Stacey’s family is quite the dance team… and there may or may not have been dancing on the actual tables toward the end of the evening (note: you can do this when your wedding is held in your own backyard, but probably not at a regular reception venue, so nobody go out there and say, “Well, I saw this on a blog once” and then get yourself kicked out of your friend’s reception).

We had a fantastic time at their wedding and wish a very happy future to this amazing couple in Mississippi!

Date: October 5, 2013

Ceremony Venue: Pinehurst United Methodist Church // Pinehurst, NC

Reception Venue: Private Residence // Pinehurst, NC

First Dance Song: “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” – James Taylor

Stacey’s Occupation: Clinical Social Worker

Brett’s Occupation: Accounting Professor at Ole Miss

How You Met: The Interwebs

Interesting Bride Fact: She eats ice cream every night.

Interesting Groom Fact: He has run with the bulls in Spain.

Honeymoon Destination: Hawaii

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Rev. Les Newsom | DJ – Art Dearing | Florist – Maggie’s Farm | Cake – Fifi’s Cakes | Caterer – Ashten’s Catering | Hair/Makeup – Bamboo