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Caroline & Brian’s Downtown Raleigh Engagement Session

Caroline and Brian came into Raleigh all the way from Charlotte to have their engagement portraits taken, and we are lucky to have had the opportunity to meet them! Finally, Carolyn was able to unite with someone who loves school supplies as much as she does, despite no longer being in school and despite not longer being a teacher. :D They also shared our love of 80s movies and reminisced about past job horror stories. On top of all this, we were pleased to find out that only one half of Caroline and Brian enjoy the Goonies and the Princess Bride, much like only one half of Carolyn and Geoff. We wish they lived closer so 50% of us could try to convince the other 50% that the movies are good (or bad, depending on what side you’re on).

These guys met in Raleigh, went on their first date to Gravy and the Raleigh Times (both of which we visited during the session), and have since moved to Charlotte. They’re getting married in Wilmington next spring as a middle ground of their families’ and their own locations. Brian likes golf and refused Carolyn’s suggestion that they go mini-golfing for their engagement session, and Caroline wouldn’t let him bring his golf clubs into downtown. Caroline was both her high school mascot and their¬†prom queen, and also cries at emotional stories about children throwing out the first pitch on ESPN. They’ve both solidly convinced us that the West Wing is probably a good show to start after we run through House of Cards. We had a great time with these two, and we are so happy they came out to Raleigh to see us! Here’s a few of our favorites.
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