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Commercial Food + Event Photography // Cheese Please

Sometimes we shoot weddings, and other times Carolyn gets paid to photograph food while Geoff stands in line for grilled cheese. This is an event I photographed for the Downtown Raleigh Alliance’s Cheese Please festival at the downtown farmer’s market. This year Buku, Kimbap, The Oakz, Jimmy V’s, and Bolt Bistro competed for the title of Grilled Cheese Champion (i.e. “People’s Choice for Best Grilled Cheese”). This year Jimmy V was the crowning champion, and while I didn’t get to taste any of the food (gluten-intolerant), I did smell it… and looked at it a lot… and maybe drooled a little bit.


    Nothing Teryn

    I work right on fayetteville st. and didn’t even know this was going on, but you did a really great job of capturing the experience! Buku is delicious, but I have yet to try the other venues. Do you know if there will be another collaborative event going on anytime soon?

      Nothing carolyn

      Thank you, Teryn! They actually just had a honey festival on Wednesday where some of the same restaurants had a “sweet tooth” competition, so they do events frequently! Not sure if any are coming up soon, but check back with their website periodically to see if they put some up!


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