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Howard Law, PLLC // Promo Shoot

It is so fun for us to see where life takes our clients. They’re kinda like our kids. We shoot their wedding and then off they go into the real world, and sometimes they call or write us to tell us of their adventures. :) It’s especially satisfying when they end up starting their own businesses! We have a lot of really talented, creative, and professional clients out there, and now we also have a lot of awesome connections. One of these clients is Brooke Howard! We shot her wedding back in 2012 and were so happy to hear from her regarding photographing promos for her new law firm! She had previously been working under another office but has branched out onto her own and created Howard Law, PLLC where she handles personal injury, fraud, malpractice, and other cases. We are so proud of her and the work she is doing, and are super happy to have photographed her promos for her in her new office in Charter Square in downtown Raleigh! Congratulations, Brooke!


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