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Carolyn+Shawn // Raleigh Engagement Session

I’m always partial to people with my name, but it does make it difficult when Geoff is directing clients to figure out who he’s talking to. Meet Carolyn and Shawn! They are super fun and cute and follow direction exceedingly well. They are also both short like me, so I didn’t have to use my step stool (yes!). We met them one evening in the Raleigh Rose Garden and made a good time of it, talking about travel and cats and how Ramsay Bolton is an evil psychopath. Fun fact about Carolyn and Shawn: if you count to three, they’ll turn and run directly into each other. If you count to three again, they’ll turn and run directly into each other one more time. It seems to be some sort of reflex. We’re looking forward to counting to three on their wedding day and seeing what happens, but they’ll probably just run into each other, this time super dressed up.


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