Amanda and David will have been together for 10 years in December and decided to hang out with us in some parking lots and alleyways and get bit by a whole bunch of mosquitos to celebrate! During this celebration we mostly tortured Amanda with spinning and twirling and tickling but I’m sure she’s stronger for it now. These two met while they were both in high school forever ago and then they went to NC State where they graduated and both got jobs doing teacher-esque things helping kiddos and helping people help kiddos. They have two cats named Genevieve and Gillian because they believe that animals should have human names. David likes working on cars and educated me about how to feel safe while driving a Miata around tractor trailers. Amanda likes barre classes and pop music. Together, they enjoy grilling and a fine gin (is the term “fine gin” a thing?). They also like traveling and are planning a trip to Puerto Rico that we’re jealous of (Carolyn is easily portable inside a suitcase and no one ever has to know). We are so glad that they spent their anniversary with us so we could photograph these fineeee, fine people and their love.

I’m always partial to people with my name, but it does make it difficult when Geoff is directing clients to figure out who he’s talking to. Meet Carolyn and Shawn! They are super fun and cute and follow direction exceedingly well. They are also both short like me, so I didn’t have to use my step stool (yes!). We met them one evening in the Raleigh Rose Garden and made a good time of it, talking about travel and cats and how Ramsay Bolton is an evil psychopath. Fun fact about Carolyn and Shawn: if you count to three, they’ll turn and run directly into each other. If you count to three again, they’ll turn and run directly into each other one more time. It seems to be some sort of reflex. We’re looking forward to counting to three on their wedding day and seeing what happens, but they’ll probably just run into each other, this time super dressed up.

I feel like it’s been a while since we posted just a good ole engagement session up in here! A couple of our sessions have been rained out or postponed for various things, and we’ve been out of town a lot, so now’s a good chance to jump back into the portraits. We shot these ones of Callie and Jeff, two pretty rad people getting married in the spring, outside of the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh and down around Historic Oakwood. Those two adorable furry things with them are named Harper (black lab – 9) and Abbi (hound/beagle/dog? – almost a year). They were really well behaved and mostly cooperative and 100% cute (the dogs, not Callie and Jeff, although they were also well behaved, cooperative, and cute). Here we are lurking around the neighborhood while staying on the sidewalks so we can’t legally be held responsible for said lurking. Enjoy.