Amanda and David will have been together for 10 years in December and decided to hang out with us in some parking lots and alleyways and get bit by a whole bunch of mosquitos to celebrate! During this celebration we mostly tortured Amanda with spinning and twirling and tickling but I’m sure she’s stronger for it now. These two met while they were both in high school forever ago and then they went to NC State where they graduated and both got jobs doing teacher-esque things helping kiddos and helping people help kiddos. They have two cats named Genevieve and Gillian because they believe that animals should have human names. David likes working on cars and educated me about how to feel safe while driving a Miata around tractor trailers. Amanda likes barre classes and pop music. Together, they enjoy grilling and a fine gin (is the term “fine gin” a thing?). They also like traveling and are planning a trip to Puerto Rico that we’re jealous of (Carolyn is easily portable inside a suitcase and no one ever has to know). We are so glad that they spent their anniversary with us so we could photograph these fineeee, fine people and their love.

Nicole+Blake // Married!

We had the pleasure of meeting Nicole for the first time several years ago when she was a bridesmaid at a wedding, and now we are so happy to reunite with her gorgeous self and her amazing  husband Blake! They were married a couple weeks ago at the courthouse and are having a reception in January. Like a ton of our couples, they met online (we should start submitting commercials to, etc. to receive royalties) and had their first date with some friends at the Carolina Ale House where they instantly clicked. They were married a few months later and now both reside in Raleigh with their adorable dog Lily (despite living in North Carolina, Blake still adamantly cheers for the South Carolina Gamecocks, but begrudgingly agrees with that Lily the dog is an NC State fan along with her mother).

These were to be mostly their engagement photos with a few pre-wedding photos thrown in for good measure before the reception. We did a first look with them in their wedding attire after they changed (Blake hadn’t seen her wedding reception dress yet!) and couldn’t have asked for better weather for a girl in a sleeveless wedding dress. :) It was chilly but the sun was out, and there’s not much more you can ask for this time of year! Lake Johnson has special meaning for them so we happily joined them by the edge of the water for these pictures… and were photobombed by a heron. :) Congratulations to the new husband and wife team, and we’re excited to share their reception with you in a few months!