Cari and Will’s wedding will always be near and dear to our hearts. It was our first wedding shot at the Haw River Ballroom, which is now one of our favorite venues, and it was the wedding that produced the now famous Ring Bearer Meltdown shot (about halfway down this post) that still remains my favorite photograph to date. Also, we happened to gain two very wonderful friends from this wedding whom we love dearly. We’ve eaten dinner with them at their house over long conversations about 24 and screened in decks. We’ve watched as Will shot Nerf suction cup arrows at their skylights to scare raccoons. We’ve called Cari over deck advice. We’ve asked Will about random nerve pain symptoms. We obtained our wonderful veterinarian on behalf of Cari’s recommendation. We’ve talked about any and all furniture and design choices. These guys are near and dear to our hearts. And so now is Charlie.

Charlie came into the world with two amazing parents and a handpainted nursery done by mom. He also has older cat sibling Jack (who is not yet a fan of his younger brother) and an older dog sibling Dudley (who is definitely a fan of new brother! also a fan of treats! also a fan of blankets! also a fan of photography!). Charlie so far has really taken to: eating, eating, wearing elaborate hats, eating, eating, non-candid/intense-staring-into-the-camera type of photography, eating, eating, tiki lounge music, and eating. We are excited to see what this kid does in the future. We’re hoping he breaks down at a wedding when he’s a ring bearer. Congratulations to the whole fam – you have quite a handsome young lad who is able to currently wear many hats (literally), and may he do so (figuratively) in his life to come. We love you, Cari+Will!

In 2012 we photographed a lovely wedding at Duke Chapel of an even more lovely couple named Eun and Matt, and now we’ve reunited to photograph their family! We got to meet their incredible kiddos Evan and Madeleine, and we played around their backyard and then spent some time at the NCMA. When we got to their house, Evan walked us around and gave us a detailed tour. This included him telling us that it was impossible for him to accidentally go down the drain while taking a bath because he’s too big, but that bacteria and germs and other things in baths CAN go down the drain, but you can only see those under a microscope (where you can also see allergies). He also told us all about how washers and dryers work, except his instructions included filling the washing machine with milk to make the clothes clean (he quickly backpedaled on this information). Interests also include rockets, spiders, singing songs from the movie Cars, picking and identifying spiders, and his new striped belt. He also adores his little sister Madeleine. Madeleine just turned one, and her interests include her stuffed sheep, apple juice, applesauce, and getting pushed around in a blue plastic car. They are both pretty great, as are their awesome parents whom we adore! It was so nice to see them again and meet their great kids – love seeing our couples again! Thank you, Eun+Matt!

We got a lot of fan girl comments over these adorable bulldogs we photographed with Sarah and Chris last month. Now it’s time for the bulldog roly-poly cuteness to make way for newborn human baby brother roly-poly cuteness as their family welcomes Rafael into the mix! He is loved and adored by everyone, including Seamus and Sasquatch, although we currently had to be careful of bulldogs rolling over onto him because bulldogs are not particularly aware of their surroundings no matter how cute they are. Here are Rafael’s current stats.
Favorite activity: sleeping
Tolerant of: pageboy hats, bowties
Equipped with: full head of hair
Currently listening to: Elliot Smith
Least favorite thing: hiccups
We are so glad to be part of the welcome of Rafael into the world, and we hope he likes it here very much. His parents are rad, and he has two awesome bulldog brothers who will show him the ropes. Our heartfelt congratulations to Sarah and Chris! Thank you for letting us document this part of your lives!