so during our beach trip we woke up several times before it was light in order to get down to the beach and get shots of the crabs. when we went to cape hatteras when i was little (and still willing to wake up before dawn), the ghost crabs were always out in the early morning light. however, they must’ve decided, like me, that they’d rather stay up late and sleep in because no crabs were ever out. sure there were some really tiny ones, but not like the kind we knew.

so one night geoff, laura, and i ventured out into the mosquito infested wildnerness covered in deet and decided to look for the crabs at night. and voila! we have crabs. we took a flashlight, but there were so many of them we were practically jumping to avoid stepping on them. they were all fiddler crabs and ghost crabs.


needless to say, they are terrified of my flash. they jumped into the air when i shot it. felt kinda bad.

anyway, the next night my parents took us out to dinner and we had leftover hush puppies. so of course, we all went down to the beach and tried to feed them to the crabs like any sane and respectable family would do.

but it worked! and OH MAN do crabs love hush puppies. they grab them and run. and all the while you swear you can hear them laughing:

crabhushpuppy“hahaha! so long, suckers!”

if you can’t tell, the photography skills required to catch a crab in pure darkness with a telephoto lens while laughing hysterically are hard to acquire, so i did the best i could. this was one of the crabs, running frantically away after snatching the hush puppy and presumably taking it back it’s crabby liar to feast for the next several years.

i miss the beach!

top of the dunes overlooking highway 12:

beach-352-copy“oh my god, the mosquitos are everywhereeee!”


so when we were at the beach we spotted these crazy lizards on our deck. they were green but had stretchy red skin under their mouths that would puff out every time they breathed. sweet!:

beach-061-copy“hey ladies.”

anyway – they’re called carolina anoles and they are awesome. they can change colors kind of like a chameleon, but they can’t change their color to match whatever they’re on. they pretty much alternate between bright green and brown. sometimes they have awesome stripes and blue eyes:


beach-072-copy“no one knows what it’s like.”

they hopped around our decks all week and jumped into trees when they saw us coming. pretty cool little dudes. just part of our wildlife adventures. geoff and laura saw several bald eagles while i was driving. despite my swerving and my shouts of, “WHERE? WHERE?” i saw nothing.

and of course, despite my promises of updating every day, i forgot to update yesterday. but it was friday, ok? that should be a given. we went out to dinner with geoff’s cousin and his wife and then saw the hangover. it’s an amazing movie.

– carolynbeach-274-copy

it’s been raining TONS here lately… which obviously isn’t the best weather condition for photography, but i’ve been getting out while i can. when it’s not raining, it’s in the lower 70s and extremely humid. which reminds me that i need to get out and buy shorts, t-shirts, and tanktops asap. coming from pittsburgh where a good day in the summer is maxing out around 80 and 1% humidity… it doesn’t exactly leave your closet full of summer clothes.

like i said, it’s been super humid and rainy here. went out a few nights ago to take some skyline shots from the boylan bridge with no jacket! horray! unfortunately i found out that the skyline still continues to look better from south saunders street, but what are you gonna do. :) i’ve gone out a few times to get shots from s. saunders but i haven’t come away with that perfect shot yet. of course, it’s kind of distracting when you have to park far away, then dash across several lanes of highway in the dark only to stand in the median, set up your tripod, and start shooting without getting hit by a car.

anyway, got a few nice glimpses of the shimmer wall while i was down at boylan bridge:


the shimmer wall is a nice edition from this side. hopefully we’ll be getting some more skyscrapers soon to fill in the gaps!

in other news, i’m still loving my portrait lens. it’s going to be a great addition to the upcoming wedding i’m shooting as well as family portraits. i have one scheduled next weekend for a family of seven and i’m hoping raleigh doesn’t rain us out. this portrait lens works great with children and it will be so much fun to do that shoot.

recently i’ve been doing a lot of adults and pets:

363-copy 384-copy

shot really great ones of geoff last weekend in duke gardens that wound up in the portfolio. north carolina really has some great on location opportunities… especially due to the weather (when it’s not raining).

hopefully this spring and summer will offer us a lot of great photography sessions and clients. i have a lot of great fine art opportunities opening up and galleries. i’ll keep you posted. my family has also rented a beach house out on hatteras. i promise i’ll actually wake up early this year to get some ghost crab shots… no, really… i think…. maybe.