I love this wedding because it illustrates the importance of the following things:

1.) The location where you get ready [** This is often overlooked, but the location where you get ready is the setting for 1/4 of your pictures, so make sure it has a lot of windows! You want the dress pictures to be nice. :) Heidi and Aaron got ready at the Downtown Sheraton, which is where Geoff and I got ready for our own wedding, and it brought back a lot of happy memories! Hotels are great for getting ready because of the big windows.]

2.) The location where you hold your ceremony and reception [**This seems silly that this could be overlooked, but wherever you have your ceremony is most likely the place where you’ll have your photographs taken unless you move to your reception first… which is possible, but often logistically messy. So make sure that you LOVE your ceremony venue! This makes up the setting of about 2/4 of your pictures and possibly your most important pictures ever – your newlywed shots.

3.) The time of your ceremony and photographs [**This is VERY important. Although we have made some awesome portraits shooting at high noon, it’s really important if you have the means to control the time of your ceremony so that your photographs take place about an hour before sundown, give or take depending on the size of the groups. You want to take advantage of awesome natural light. Of course, this isn’t always possible, but it’s nice when you can. :)

4.) The importance of not being afraid to show you a little public display of affection now and then. ;)

Heidi and Aaron are every photographer’s dream as they are natural posers. They’re always very very affectionate, not camera shy, not people shy, and basically need no posing instruction whatsoever. It’s like Blue Steel 24/7. They not only crack me up, but they’re adorable and gorgeous at the same time. Their wedding was stunning and I had a soft spot in my heart for their locations – The Raleigh Rose Garden, which was the spot of my very first wedding I shot, and the Sheraton, the hotel for our wedding. :)

Date: April 30, 2011

Ceremony Venue: The Raleigh Rose Garden

Reception Venue: The Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, Hannover Ballroom

Flowers: Anna Odham and Glen Yates

DJ: Paul Fitts

Cake: Anna Odham

Officiant: Dr. Ray Lundy

Reception Coordinator: Joanie Waters at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel

Raleigh Sheraton wedding Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer

The flowers for her veil (above) were made from Heidi’s wedding dress – a really adorable idea! And the view (below) of the skyline, brought to you by the windows in the Sheraton. ;)

Raleigh wedding photographer

Geoff followed the guys around all morning (and second shot for me the rest of the day – I’d say about half of the images on the blog are his. Thanks, Geoff!!) I didn’t get to see them until I uploaded the photographs later, but Aaron had on some killer sunglasses that morning.

Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh Sheraton wedding

Heidi’s after-party dress deserved a shot too. :) And her bridesmaid’s necklaces were all handmade!

Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer Green bridesmaid dresses tealength Hydrangea bouquet Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer birdcage veil with flowers

The dudes looking rather studly in the Raleigh Rose Garden!

Groomsmen photographs Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh Rose Garden wedding

What a gooorgeous group of ladies!! And their green tealength dresses were adorable!

Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh Rose Garden and Little Theatre wedding Raleigh wedding photographer Rose Garden Wedding Raleigh rose garden wedding ceremony Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer

I love this shot Geoff got of the mini orchestra in the Rose Garden. :)

Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer bridal party portrait

I’m not quite sure how to preface the following set of portraits other than to say that Heidi is drop-dead amazingly gorgeous, Aaron makes a happy and handsome husband, the roses in the garden were exquisite, and the light was totally on our side. THESE PICTURES ROCK, if I do say so myself. ;)

Raleigh wedding photographer Carolyn Scott Photography Raleigh Rose Garden wedding

Seriously – what a stunning bride. Aaron, you should probably have this photograph printed and placed in every available spot at your job just to make your coworkers jealous.

Raleigh bridal portrait Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh rose garden

I have been getting more and more into dramatically lit portraits. Thanks for these, perfectly placed sun! You are the best sometimes.

Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh rose garden wedding ceremony Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer

Horray for the Sheraton! Heidi and Aaron’s reception was held in the Hannover Ballroom, which was awesome, and the coordinator (Joanie Waters) and the DJ (Paul Fitts) did a great job!

Raleigh Sheraton hotel Raleigh wedding photographer Hanover Ballroom Raleigh Wedding Reception wedding reception at the sheraton raleigh hotel Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer

The couple made a guest signing book out of their engagement photographs they took with me – and I loved that someone commented on Aaron’s poodle hat. That, too, was one of my favorites, Stacy. ;)

Raleigh wedding photographer Raleigh wedding photographer Fayetteville portraits at night

Thank you, Heidi and Aaron, for a beautiful wedding and reception! We love love love these pictures and hope you do too. :)

it’s been raining TONS here lately… which obviously isn’t the best weather condition for photography, but i’ve been getting out while i can. when it’s not raining, it’s in the lower 70s and extremely humid. which reminds me that i need to get out and buy shorts, t-shirts, and tanktops asap. coming from pittsburgh where a good day in the summer is maxing out around 80 and 1% humidity… it doesn’t exactly leave your closet full of summer clothes.

like i said, it’s been super humid and rainy here. went out a few nights ago to take some skyline shots from the boylan bridge with no jacket! horray! unfortunately i found out that the skyline still continues to look better from south saunders street, but what are you gonna do. :) i’ve gone out a few times to get shots from s. saunders but i haven’t come away with that perfect shot yet. of course, it’s kind of distracting when you have to park far away, then dash across several lanes of highway in the dark only to stand in the median, set up your tripod, and start shooting without getting hit by a car.

anyway, got a few nice glimpses of the shimmer wall while i was down at boylan bridge:


the shimmer wall is a nice edition from this side. hopefully we’ll be getting some more skyscrapers soon to fill in the gaps!

in other news, i’m still loving my portrait lens. it’s going to be a great addition to the upcoming wedding i’m shooting as well as family portraits. i have one scheduled next weekend for a family of seven and i’m hoping raleigh doesn’t rain us out. this portrait lens works great with children and it will be so much fun to do that shoot.

recently i’ve been doing a lot of adults and pets:

363-copy 384-copy

shot really great ones of geoff last weekend in duke gardens that wound up in the portfolio. north carolina really has some great on location opportunities… especially due to the weather (when it’s not raining).

hopefully this spring and summer will offer us a lot of great photography sessions and clients. i have a lot of great fine art opportunities opening up and galleries. i’ll keep you posted. my family has also rented a beach house out on hatteras. i promise i’ll actually wake up early this year to get some ghost crab shots… no, really… i think…. maybe.