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Carolyn Scott Photography has partnered with Safe Haven for Cats during the month of June to bring a fantastic benefit to the Triangle! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Safe Haven, here is a description of their fantastic work in their own words:

“SAFE Haven For Cats (SHFC) is a no-kill shelter for cats located in the North Raleigh area of North Carolina. We are a unique community-based animal shelter. In addition to providing adoption services for cats and kittens in need of good homes, we also manage a foster program for animals requiring a little extra love and care. We further assist our community in providing feline spay and neuter services in connection with SAFE Care Feline Spay Neuter Clinic.”

Safe Haven for Cats is always in need of donations and support: “Today’s tough economy is having an impact on the cats. The reality finds fewer cats adopted andmore abandoned at our door, or returned when household finances worsen. We are currently caring for over 100 cats daily. The most in the 15 year history of SAFE Haven. And, honestly, we do not have enough funds to keep up with demand.”


In order to give back to the shelter that’s given so much to the community and, more personally, gave Geoff and I our two adorable furballs two years ago, Carolyn Scott Photography is sponsoring a benefit for Safe Haven for Cats.

From June 1st-June 30th, community members of the Triangle are encouraged to schedule a session with Carolyn Scott Photography to benefit the shelter. Half of the proceeds from all sitting fees and purchased items will go towards Safe Haven. Details:

– This sitting fee can be used towards solely photographing a pet, or photographing family members alongside the pet. The only rule is that the pet will be included in all photographs. After all, he’s a member of the family!

– The photo shoot can be at your house, a park, or any other location of your choosing where your family pet would be comfortable.

– You can book a pet photography session ($100) from now until June 30th. All sessions must take place during the month of June, which is Adopt-A-Cat month.

50% of all the proceeds (sitting fees + prints, albums, or DVDs) will go to Safe Haven for Cats to help support the cats, volunteers, and the great community work that they accomplish.

Please consider giving back to a shelter that safely houses cats and kittens looking for a home by booking a photo session of your favorite little animal. This is a great opportunity for cat and dog lovers alike to get fantastic portraits while supporting a great cause at the same time. Book today – sessions will fill up quickly!

Please visit their website at for more information.

To view other pet and people portraits, please visit “the good life” section of the portfolio.

pet photography pet photography pet photography pet photography pet photography

day 86/365

being home with these little critters all day now seems like it would be super awesome, but they’re kind of like having your almost-two-year-old run around the house with a box full of crayons while you’re trying to work. they meow incessantly because they’re excited i’m home, then they jump up on my desk and rub against my monitor, step on my keyboard, and knock over snacks. dolfy dips his paw in my water. then they chase each other around the house for a little while and do it all over again.

i need a cat nanny.


why 365?

it’s been raining TONS here lately… which obviously isn’t the best weather condition for photography, but i’ve been getting out while i can. when it’s not raining, it’s in the lower 70s and extremely humid. which reminds me that i need to get out and buy shorts, t-shirts, and tanktops asap. coming from pittsburgh where a good day in the summer is maxing out around 80 and 1% humidity… it doesn’t exactly leave your closet full of summer clothes.

like i said, it’s been super humid and rainy here. went out a few nights ago to take some skyline shots from the boylan bridge with no jacket! horray! unfortunately i found out that the skyline still continues to look better from south saunders street, but what are you gonna do. :) i’ve gone out a few times to get shots from s. saunders but i haven’t come away with that perfect shot yet. of course, it’s kind of distracting when you have to park far away, then dash across several lanes of highway in the dark only to stand in the median, set up your tripod, and start shooting without getting hit by a car.

anyway, got a few nice glimpses of the shimmer wall while i was down at boylan bridge:


the shimmer wall is a nice edition from this side. hopefully we’ll be getting some more skyscrapers soon to fill in the gaps!

in other news, i’m still loving my portrait lens. it’s going to be a great addition to the upcoming wedding i’m shooting as well as family portraits. i have one scheduled next weekend for a family of seven and i’m hoping raleigh doesn’t rain us out. this portrait lens works great with children and it will be so much fun to do that shoot.

recently i’ve been doing a lot of adults and pets:

363-copy 384-copy

shot really great ones of geoff last weekend in duke gardens that wound up in the portfolio. north carolina really has some great on location opportunities… especially due to the weather (when it’s not raining).

hopefully this spring and summer will offer us a lot of great photography sessions and clients. i have a lot of great fine art opportunities opening up and galleries. i’ll keep you posted. my family has also rented a beach house out on hatteras. i promise i’ll actually wake up early this year to get some ghost crab shots… no, really… i think…. maybe.