Caitlyn and Joe kindly sent us a few initial pleading e-mails asking us if we’d come to Connecticut to photograph their wedding after she found our photographs on a wedding blog. They thought we’d say no or we’d be unavailable or it would cost them their first born son, but we’re a lot nicer than that and we Skyped and all fell into a mutual love for each other. True, type-A, spastically-organized, obsessional love. Well, Caitlyn and Carolyn anyway. Geoff and Joe kind of cooly, quietly, type-B-ingly watch Caitlyn and I spazz out from the sidelines. I was recognized at their rehearsal dinner as “possibly as organized as Caitlyn”… and that girl had an itinerary printed out for everyone that was the size of Game of Thrones. Because of this, though, everyone knew exactly what they were doing or Caitlyn and I spazzed out until they did, and thus everything went according to glorious plan.

This wedding taught us many things. It taught us that staying in college dorm rooms when you’re in your late 20s/early 30s has a surprisingly nostalgic effect despite the communal showers. It taught us that colleges can have really non-threatening-even-kind-of-smiling mascots. It taught us that Connecticut is exactly as we all picture it with the little cottages by the sea and the stone walls and the ivy and the rounded shingles. It taught us (or rather confirmed) that everyone from Boston is a horrible driver. It taught us that the sun is significantly brighter in the far northeast than in the southeast (actually true!). And finally, it reminded us of why we do what we do… and how lucky we are to have people fly us to cool new places so we can see new things and be there for them on their wedding day. We had an amazing time and are looking forward to seeing these two when they vacation down here in the future! And now at least Caitlyn can relax while Carolyn continues to obsess over weddings and timelines. ;)

Date: June 7, 2014

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Connecticut College // New London, Connecticut

First Dance Song: “My Best Friend” – Tim McGraw

Caitlyn’s Occupation: Federal Human Capital Consultant

Joe’s Occupation: Financial Examiner

How You Met: In 8th grade, braces and all ;)

Interesting Fact about Caitlyn: Caitlyn truly believes that ice cream is a food group, and eats accordingly

Interesting Fact about Joe: Joe has visited over half the states in the country and plans to visit all 50… Caitlyn may skip out on a few locations ;)

Honeymoon Destination:Charleston for a honeymoon preview and Jamaica around the holidays!

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Mike Webb (friend, mentor, former 8th grade teacher) | DJ – Atlantic Coast Entertainment (Erv) | Florist – Jordan Florist in Windsor, CT (Karen) | Cake – Dairy Queen ice cream cake and family-baked desserts | Caterer – Merrill Collins | Hair/Makeup – Larissa Lake Makeup Artist ( Laura and Danielle) and Alli Bizeau (family friend) | Videographer – Forever After Studios (Kevin and Kevin) | Ceremony Coordinator – Marilyn Burnett of Connecticut College |  Reception Coordinator – Merrill Collins of Connecticut College | Ceremony Guitarist – Morgan Brown

How much do we love Martha and Justin? Let me count the ways:

1. They took us to Chicago for their engagement session.

2. Martha likes to send me links about glow-in-the-dark cats.

3. They agreed to a Back to the Future themed wedding… but somehow that fell through.

4. They are smart: Justin is an astrophysicist and Martha is some sort of developmental biologist who holds some sort of job studying fish hearts (sorry, Martha, for butchering your official title… all I can remember are fish hearts).

5. They wanted to have their final consult over pizza… and any couple that wants to have a consult over pizza is a-okay with me (gluten-free for me, of course).

There are lots of other ways, but we all know I’m bad with math and science, so I’m going to stop at 5 because that’s a reasonable number. May we now present to you Martha and Justin’s wedding! It was full of sciencey goodness, rolling heads, blue shoes, and lots of salsa dancing. Read on, friends!

Date: September 3rd, 2011

Ceremony Venue: Immaculate Conception // Durham, NC

Reception Venue: Kirby Horton Hall at Duke Gardens // Durham, NC

Day of Coordinators: C and D Events

Catering: Durham Catering

Non-Bouquet Florist: Dan and Ethel Vogel

Bouquet Florist: Flowers on Broad Street

Transportation: Jason Clark

Cake: Daisy Cakes

Hair/Makeup: Posh the Salon // Durham, NC

DJ: Cortland Williams

How pretty is our Martha? I loved her hair and veil. It fits her spunky personality perfectly. She’s beautiful! Also, digging the blue wedding shoes.

Their wedding centerpieces were fantastic. They laid pieces of different fabrics down the tables as runners, but the fabric was patterned and gave the tables a sort of antique-y feel. They coupled these with wild flowers in mason jars and old-timey science books. Yes, there was Solaris and Space Odyssey. It was an adorable and very tasteful way to incorporate their love of science. :) Later (a few pictures down), you’ll see their computation guest book and the little tubes that Martha took from her lab to fill with M&Ms as favors, haha. Brilliant!

Martha’s wedding ring is a sapphire and we loved Justin’s tie!

The stories behind the pictures below: Martha and Justin had a regular first dance, but they also had a choreographed dance. You see, Martha and her family are super good salsa dancers. Martha’s family frequently make fun of Justin for his white-boy dance moves, so Martha’s been teaching him. I’d say he’s doing quite well.

While it ended in tragedy, it was the best cake cutting ever while it lasted. Note Martha’s head in the middle tipping a little too far to the right… then it’s gone. Martha came up to me afterward and said, “So what does that mean?” and I said, “Good luck?” :) Justin was very concerned.

Geoff and I excessively documented the little boy below throughout the afternoon, as neither one of us can resist a kid playing a Gameboy in the middle of a wedding. The following are pictures of this adorable ring bearer being completely in the zone while everyone dances away around him.

Loved the streamer exit, Martha’s dad’s exit, and Geoff’s awesome picture below to the right. :)

We love you, Martha and Justin! I’d say good luck and that we’d hope to see you in the future but we have a pizza date in the near future… and I hope that you both find jobs in Raleigh and get used to the total lack of public transportation so that Justin doesn’t get too sad and convince you both to move back to Chicago. It’s warm here! And we like you guys a lot!


nick and jen were married in durham, nc at the radisson hotel in RTP on may 22nd. :)

words can’t describe the amount of fun it was to do this wedding. because, quite simply, weddings are crazy fun to edit…but they’re even more fun to edit when the pictures are of your friends.

backstory for those who are interested:

one of my best friends from college was (and is!) my friend steve jabs. two of his best friends were nick and chad. i knew nick and chad through steve, but just well enough to wave to or give the “hey, what’s up, we have mutual friends in common” head-nod to when we passed. we all graduated, yadda yadda, and moved to different states. steve moved to florida and came up to visit geoff and i last year. during this whole process, i also became aware that nick, chad, and their girlfriends were all living in north carolina (it’s a small world).

so, steve came up and we all visited together. it was during this time that we became aware that chad’s girlfriend was friends with geoff in high school and was also a friend of mine through one of my ex-boyfriends (and we also had science class together in college). it’s seriously like a six-degrees-of-steve-jabs game at this point.

anyway, steve went back to florida and geoff and i took his friends (just kidding, steve jabs, you can see them sometimes too). ;)

long story short – nick and jen were engaged and asked me to shoot the formals for their wedding. i was super excited and happily agreed because i love them. i was primarily there as a guest, but i did do some getting ready shots of the girls and reception shots for my own personal enjoyment (mostly after my friends had a few drinks and started to get amusing).

i love you all! congratulations, nick and jen…you’re a beautiful couple and we’re so happy for you!

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so notice how adorable and girly the girls are being…and then notice how i had some time to go downstairs and say hello to the guys. and although chad was being a good groomsman and writing a card to nick and jen, steve jabs spent his time adjusting the sleep number on his bed. this, ladies and gentlemen, is what the groomsmen are doing while the bride gets ready. :)

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i sat them down at this table and they started arm wrestling. it looks like jen is winning. she has the game face.

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love father/daughter dances and mother/son dances! also, nick and his little sister were adorable.

raleigh wedding photographer raleigh wedding photographer

and sara brings the “valley high school” to the dance floor to start the party off right.

raleigh wedding photographer

this is, perhaps, to me, the most hilarious sequence. jen tosses the bouquet and, after much fighting, the very determined girl in blue catches it victoriously…

raleigh wedding photographer

nick fishes for the garter…

raleigh wedding photographer raleigh wedding photographer

steve jabs catches the garter…

raleigh wedding photographer

…and proceeds to put the garter on the bouquet toss girl…with his teeth.

raleigh wedding photographer

and this, my friends, is a pure victory shot:

raleigh wedding photographer

there was also a lot of flips and random jumps all night. nick and jen teach at a gym down here and can flip like nobody’s business.

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turns out that one of the other groomsmen was a guy from college whom i affectionately referred to as “library phill”! we also did the mutual-friend-head-nod thing back in the day, but occasionally talked if i was checking out books. but a girl who was friends with him at our table (elyse, below) is cousins with another kid geoff went to school with…who married a girl i went to school with…and it is seriously a crazy small world.

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