We were not only excited to shoot our first wedding of the year (Geoff did an excellent job second shooting this wedding with me), but we were also excited to see two of our very good friends get married, meet their AWESOME families, and have an excellent time… all of which we did. :)

For those who missed their abbreviated backstory on their engagement session post, Daniel was my sanity-saving best friend back at my old part time job before I went full-time with photography. He was pretty quiet when I first met him, but I gradually realized that the person singing really really really loud across the room from me was the same guy, and so I made an effort to get to know him since he amused me so frequently. Then I found out he likes the New England Patriots. This put a thorn in our friendship as I was constantly made fun of and harassed when I wore my Steelers jersey to work, but then again, making fun of each other is pretty much the foundation of our friendship, so it worked out pretty well. Until I found out that he was planning a Patriots themed wedding. And to be honest, I didn’t think he was serious (it can be kind of hard to tell when you’re trying to take someone seriously while they drink SunnyD out of a glass boot).

As it turns out, he was serious. A few weeks later Geoff and I had the privilege of meeting his absolutely lovely fiancé who is equally as wonderful and hilarious as Daniel (I had no doubts) to discuss photographing their wedding. Since then, the fabulous Mary Ann and I have also become close and we enjoy getting our butts kicked by our husbands when we go bowling. Daniel and Mary Ann are truly a couple that we love being around because they are exactly like each other to the point where it’s highly amusing and adorable at the same time (you’ll see here in a few minutes). They’re also some of the nicest people in the world, not to mention both of them being super cute and easy to photograph. :)

And you know what? Their Patriots themed wedding was awesome!!! There, I said it. I dislike the Patriots as much as they dislike the Steelers, but honestly, this was so well done.  Their centerpieces, colors, cake, and everything else worked perfectly and it was a beauuuutiful wedding. And they used some of their engagement session football shots in the save the dates and wedding programs (all football ticket themed), which was such a cute idea. YOU GUYS ARE ADORABLE. Also, their families were the best. THE BEST. Thank you all for being so kind, open, and helpful.. I hope all of you enjoy the pictures. And of course, we love you, Mary Ann and Daniel!

Date: March 5, 2011

Venue: Rand-Bryan House

Cake: Tier Bella

Flowers: Belinda Hobson

Dj: Mike Morse

Officiant: Bishop Jason Johnson

Musician [Singer]: Vanessa Durand

March Wedding Rand-Bryan House red and white wedding Patriots theme wedding

Patriots themed wedding

Red White and Blue Wedding

New England Patriots wedding cake

New England Patriots themed wedding

Red, white, and blue wedding



groomsmen getting ready

Silver wedding shoes

Rand-Bryan house wedding

Rand-Bryan House wedding Garner nc

Wedding Dress

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Red and White Bridal Bouquet

Red and White Bridal Bouquet

navy blue and silver bridal party

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

red white and blue bridesmaids

red white and blue groomsmen

Rand-Bryan House wedding

wedding ceremony Rand-Bryan House

Rand-Bryan House wedding ceremony

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Outdoor wedding in March Raleigh NC

wedding veil

Below is by far my favorite picture of the day, period. Better than all the portraits, better than all the details and dance pictures combined. The ceremony officiant asked anyone who might object to their marriage to speak now, and they turned their heads in unison and gave everyone the same look at the same time… and I really don’t think it was planned. It also captures both of their sarcastic sides beautifully. ;)

Rand-Bryan House wedding ceremony outside

March outdoor wedding

March outdoor wedding

Exchange of rings

Vanessa Durand

Raleigh wedding photographer

First Kiss

outdoor wedding march raleigh nc

family portraits

Bridal Party portrait

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Carolyn Scott Photography

Rand-Bryan House wedding portraits

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Wedding Portraits Raleigh NC

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Rand-Bryan House Wedding

Garner wedding venue

Bridal Portraits

Groom portraits

ring shot

Rand-Bryan House reception

Rand-Bryan House wedding reception

Rand-Bryan House wedding reception

Rand-Bryan House wedding reception

Rand-Bryan House wedding reception

Rand-Bryan House wedding reception

Rand-Bryan House wedding reception

Rand-Bryan House wedding reception

Rand-Bryan House wedding reception

Raleigh wedding photographer

Raleigh wedding photographer

Raleigh wedding photographer

Raleigh wedding photographer

Raleigh wedding photographer

Garter Toss

Raleigh wedding photographer

Raleigh wedding photographer

Raleigh wedding photographer

Raleigh wedding photographer

All the congratulations in the world, you two… We hope you’re having a great honeymoon and love the pictures when you get back! :)

this wedding is total proof that november weddings are awesome and should not be dismissed as cold or dreary! cortney and james, two super nice and wonderful people, met in chiropractic school and are soon opening up their own business in durham. when i first met them to discuss their wedding, cortney and i found out that we grew up and went to school not too far from each other in pittsburgh and that she went to high school with geoff’s best man for our own wedding! small world!  they are two of the sweetest people i’ve ever met and had great families and friends (i was very popular with the pittsburgh side of the family). ;) they had a beautiful wedding day with the temperature in the low 70s and the leaves just starting to change. their vendors were also fabulous! and, to start making things easier to read, i’m going to begin listing the vendors and their links below to make things a little easier on the eyes.

date: november 13, 2010

venue: 1705 prime

hair: citrine salon

hotel: renaissance by marriot, north hills

cake: sweet memories bakery

flowers: julie liles floral and event design

dj: greg ramsey of the joe bunn dj company

officiant: reverend barbara lodge

musician: harpist elizabeth munch

citrine salon chapel hill

geoff, being a good assistant by sitting on the couch in hair salons on his phone. ;)

citrine salon chapel hill citrine salon chapel hill citrine salon chapel hill

gotta have the jimmy john’s!!

renaissance by marriot north hills bride getting ready renaissance by marriot bride getting ready bride makeup bridesmaids getting ready

cortney and james opted to see each other before the ceremony, or have “first look” pictures. their ceremony was late in the day and the sun set directly afterwards, so it was a great choice to get pictures in before the sun set. also, it helps calm the nerves to see each other beforehand and makes for a much more relaxed day!

first look photos wedding photographs first look

hahaha this picture cracks me up every time i see it. cortney’s, “soo, what do you think??” pose. she was GORGEOUS! she wore a flower in her hair taken from her mother’s wedding day hat and had a beautiful dress that fit her style so well. and i can’t compliment the flowers enough… but maybe that’s because i pretty much had the same ones! ;) so beautiful and perfect for their day.

first look wedding photographs

we had a super handsome and sweet group of gentlemen.

raleigh wedding groomsmen

bridesmaids silver shoes

groomsmen socks 1705 prime bridal party

and look at these good looking ladies!!

raleigh wedding bridesmaids

i am so in love with the following series of couple shots that i feel the need to emphasize how awesome november is for weddings.

raleigh wedding photographer raleigh wedding photographers

cortney is so pretty and james is super handsome and together they will make the most attractive team of chiropractors ever!

1705 prime wedding raleigh raleigh november wedding 1705 prime wedding raleigh red socks and shoes wedding north carolina wedding photographer

1705 prime is one of the best wedding venues in the raleigh area, in my humble opinion. the outside is very southern/old school while the inside is very modern/hip and the food is delicious and wonderful. their staff and wedding coordinator was nothing but fabulous. we have a great time every time we shoot there. we’ll be returning in february for another wedding and i’m definitely looking forward to it.

1705 prime wedding wedding guests

rev. lodge married us in october and we had a nice little reunion. :)

reverend barbara lodge 1705 prime wedding 1705 prime elizabeth munch harpist 1705 prime 1705 prime wedding 1705 prime wedding sweet memories bakery nc 1705 prime first dance

raleigh wedding photographer

the mother of the groom, left, made the fantastic cookies seen on the right for the couple’s cookie table. for those of you who don’t know, it is standard pittsburgh tradition to have a cookie table at your wedding. this doesn’t take the place of the cake, but it’s more like a candy bar sort of thing. if you get married in pittsburgh, you must have cookies. that’s pretty much all i can tell you in terms of history/significance, haha. anyway, the “best cookie ever” was a delicious gluten free cookie that i could actually eat! and it really was the best cookie ever –  i chowed down on these all night!

mother son dance

cortney’s parents moved to raleigh, but her dad still operates his own chiropractor business back in pittsburgh 3 days a week. he was hilarious!! we had a great time talking about the ‘burgh and making fun of geoff for going to valley high school. booo vikings! ;)

father daughter dance 1705 prime reception 1705 prime wedding 1705 prime wedding reception 1705 prime sweet memories bakery 1705 prime wedding reception 1705 prime wedding reception wedding reception

oh hey! it’s just me, your photographer, in your photo booth.

joe bunn dj company photobooth

wedding reception

1705 prime wedding

congratulations and much love to cortney and james for having a beautiful wedding with great friends and family! best of luck in life and your business!

out of raleigh and back in pittsburgh on august 28th for nicole and luke’s wedding. :) this was a cool wedding to do seeing as how i went to high school with luke and how i’ve known his older brother since my days of braces and extreme hair cuts (ohhh, middle school…you were shameful years, indeed). his brother chris was good friends with my sister and we knew each other through her and various marching band appearances (i told you they were shameful years). anyway, chris was in my sister’s grade a few years ahead of me while luke was a grade younger than me. chris and i have kept in touch via facebook and he’s been following my photography progress since i’ve started. actually, i owe the whole creation of the carolyn scott photography blog to him! it was totally his idea. thanks, chris!

anyway, when luke and nicole got engaged, he recommended me to luke and i ended up booking them for their wedding. :) it was super exciting and awesome to see everyone again and to meet the lovely nicole for the first time (although we’re pretty sure we must’ve met before at some place…sometime…which neither of us can really remember). they had a gorgeous wedding at st. george orthodox church in new kensington, pa while their reception was at the oakmont country club (helloooo nicest golf course in the states!).

pittsburgh wedding photographer pittsburgh wedding photographer pixie hair salon st. george orthodox church new kensington

gotta love getting ready in a children’s school. this sign was amazing (it’s the elementary school teacher in me).

st. george orthodox church new kensington raleigh wedding photographer bridesmaid tattoo

WEDDING FACT: nicole and i chose the same bridesmaid dresses for our girls except hers are purple and mine are black. also – both of our dresses are la sposa – an amaaaazing spanish wedding gown maker. ::high five, nicole!:: we have good taste, what can i say. :)

pittsburgh bride st. george orthodox church new kensington

nicole is beaaaautiful!

bride getting ready st. george orthodox church wedding

WEDDING IRONY PART ONE: this was the first wedding where i had absolutely no restrictions inside the church whatsoever despite it being the most religious/scared ceremony i’ve ever attended. in fact, i was encouraged and asked to use my flash through the entire ceremony and stand up front with the priests (yes, multiple priests…3 to be exact). i never use my flash during the ceremony, but this church was extremely dark and i did so at the request of the bride. the church was seriously breathtaking and i’ve never been in one like it.

st. george orthodox wedding st. george orthodox wedding st. george orthodox wedding


pittsburgh wedding photographer newlyweds! bridesmaids in a classic car oakmont country club wedding

WEDDING IRONY PART TWO: so usually i have a ton of restrictions placed on me at the church during the ceremony and total free reign at the venue where we usually take the formals. however, this was totally opposite. no restrictions whatsoever at the church… a trillion restrictions at the country club. we were allowed to take pictures in a very limited area of the course due the fact that it’s a very prestigious country club and, as we were told by the man that followed me around to make sure i didn’t break any rules, that a spike from a bridesmaid’s heel could cost the course $4,000. soooo, we obviously followed the rules. :D geoff was also told that he was not allowed to check a voicemail out in the hall, but that he had to go outside for that…which cracked me up. this club is serious stuff!

but what it lacked in freedom it made up for with its gorgeousness, delicious food (or so i hear because i still can’t eat much), and overall coolness because hey – i was at the oakmont country club! NEAT.

bridesmaids wedding party oakmont country club wedding pittsburgh wedding photographer oakmont country club photographer oakmont wedding oakmont country club wedding

they are a seriously good looking couple!

bride and groom first dance wedding reception oakmont country club

this picture never fails to crack me up on chris and his jumping sister. THIS IS FOR YOU, KAIT.

wedding reception wedding reception oakmont country club

it was a great wedding that i was so happy to be a part of! it was an honor to be able to photograph such an intimate ceremony and to be able to shoot inside the oakmont country club. :) congratulations to the newlyweds and please keep in touch! and thank you, luke, nicole, and chris, for making this happen!