Edy and Andy have been such great supporters of us ever since they booked us, and I feel like they’re our constant cheerleaders. It’s so wonderful when you feel like clients get you! And when they’re comfortable with you, you’re comfortable with them, and all’s right with the world. We’ve had a great time working with not only them, but their adorable son Louie, who loves dinosaurs even more than me and also enjoys bossing people around about as much as I do. We first met Louie at Edy and Andy’s engagement session last year with their superfluff of a doggo named Nacho. We were happy to reunite with Louie and his armada of plastic dinosaurs at their wedding, and to see Edy and Andy again!

This wedding had one of the best floral altars I’ve ever seen, a vivacious bride and groom who are so supportive and caring for one another, and a band called the Harmonica Lewinskies. I daresay that I’ve never heard of a band with such a great name, and I don’t expect I’ll ever find a better one. They were formed by one of Edy and Andy’s close friends who passed away a few years ago, and they’ve since kept in touch with his bandmates who were there to support them as they got married. So not only do they have the best name, but they also have a personal connection to the couple, and everyone felt like family. Edy and Andy were married at the edge of the forest in some of the most beautiful afternoon lighting on a gorgeous day! There was thunder, but no rain, and it was all quite perfect. They danced the night away in the barn with all their family and friends. We’re so happy to have had such a loving and joyful couple as our clients. Congrats, Edy+Andy!

Date: September 1, 2018
Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Barn at Valhalla // Chapel Hill, NC
First Dance Song: “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” – Performed by The Harmonica Lewinskies
Andy’s Occupation: Application Programmer
Edy’s Occupation: Server and hopefully soon student
How You Met: Through a mutual acquaintance in a living room in an apartment in Brooklyn.
Honeymoon: Peru!
Officiant: Audrey MacAlpine
Violinist: Udeshi Hargett
Band – The Harmonica Lewinskies
Florist: Bluebird Meadows
Cake: Martina Russial, Glasshalfull
Caterer: Fords Fluent N’ Food
Hair/Makeup: Jane Rosengarden, MoH
Videographer: Evergreen Era Films
Coordinator: Folie à Deux Events

Amanda and Jennifer are two of the funnest people. Yes, funnest. Amanda has a really contagious, wonderful laugh, and Jennifer is incredibly funny. Together, they’re happy and laughing and adorable and the funnest. We woke up early and joined them for their brunch wedding (where there was french toast and sausage and eggs and some sort of magical potato hashbrown casserole) which was delightful because Amanda is also gluten intolerant so I could eat their food and also their cake (which was all very, very delicious). Also, brunch is the best, and their favors were mugs that said, “THANKS A BRUNCH” that I may or may not have been drinking tea out of all week because everyone loves a good brunch pun.

They are SO NICE! And their families are SO NICE! And we got to hang out with everyone and celebrate with them and be there for all those special moments like the one where they called their dog boarder in the car on the way to the ceremony to make sure their dogs were okay because it was the first time they had been boarded and they were concerned (spoiler alert: the dogs were fine and well adjusted and had made friends with the people at the kennel). And it was super fun and they had us laughing and entertained all day. Amanda and Jennifer are so good for each other and practically radiate little heart-eye emojis and we love them A BRUNCH.

  • Date: September 18, 2016
  • Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Weathervane // Chapel Hill, NC
  • First Dance Song: “All of Me” – John Legend
  • Jennifer’s Occupation: Massage Therapist
  • Amanda’s Occupation: Social Worker
  • How You Met: Jennifer saw Amanda’s picture in a Meetup group page on-line, and was excited to see a new face. One week later, we met at a charity event and became friends. A year later, we began dating, and were instantly inseparable.
  • Interesting Fact: We have three sweet dogs who collectively have 5 eyes, 10 1/2 legs, and together weigh 20 pounds. Amanda is from Brooklyn, NY and Jen’s niece’s name is Brooklyn! Amanda & Jen love game nights and are slightly obsessed with Sequence & Super Fun Word Game. Also equally love love love coffee.
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant –Rabbi Ken Brickman. DJ – Lenn Fritts. Florist – Southern Season. GF Cake – SugarBuzz Bakery. Mini Desserts – The Weathervane. Hair – Kellie Gates. Makeup – Michelle Clark. Coordinator – Lauren Powell.