Remember when we photographed Molly+Zach’s engagement session at NC State and Molly wore a fabulous dress that she had sewn herself? Well now they’re BACK! And they got married! In Charleston, South Carolina! In an even MORE fabulous dress that she sewed herself! I spent half of the time photographing it and half of the time mentally deconstructing it in my head to figure out how exactly she did it. I stopped her a lot while she was doing her makeup to ask her questions (“Hey, what did you use to sew this part with? A sewing machine? A serger?”) and examined it frequently throughout the day. Molly is a delightful human being who is quite tolerant of me poking and prodding her dress and asking her questions, so I’m grateful for that. Also, totally grateful for the torrential downpour of rain over Charleston to stop immediately before pictures and then start up again after the wedding, leaving our picture time dry.

Also, 100% totally and completely grateful for Molly and Zach giving us our first (and hopefully not last) opportunity to photograph a Twin Peaks themed groom’s cake… complete with a log base, pine trees, Black Lodge carpeting, and a tiny plastic Special Agent Dale Cooper. Twin Peaks is one of our favorite shows, and it’s pretty magical finding out that someone else you know loves it… especially enough to make a cake out of it. Damn fine cake (that was coffee based with cherry filling because yessssssss!).

They also put our pictures on M&Ms! And walked around Rainbow Row with us! And we took them to their Air BnB afterward and couldn’t figure out how to get in but in the process saw a ton of delightful bats! But more than all of that, we are so grateful we got to hang out in Charleston with these two and their friends! We met some awesome, smart, talented people down there that were a part of this wedding… professors and scientists and all sorts of brain power located at an adorable little chapel in the middle of some palm trees and Spanish moss. Thanks for letting us be a part of the magic, Molly and Zach!

• Date: July 16, 2017
• Ceremony + Reception Venue: Coleman Hall and Chapel // Charleston, SC
• First Dance Song: “Crazy Love” – Van Morrison
• Molly’s Occupation: Professor
• Zach’s Occupation: English teacher
• How You Met: Book club in Raleigh, NC
• Interesting Fact: Zach had a childhood pet dog named Molly
• Honeymoon: Charleston, SC
• Vendor Credits: Officiant – Reverend Steven Koenig. Ceremony Music – Eric Hartzog. Reception Music – Brian Smith with Eric Hartzog. Florist – Kathy Kazior. Cake – Wild Flour Bakery. Caterer – B Gourmet Catering. Hair/Makeup – Bride. Coordinator – Sabrina Ward with Event Bella.

There’s nothing quite so fabulous as Charleston in the spring, except if you’re there to shoot a wedding with some really good people. We photographed Jen and Aaron’s engagement session in Durham, and were super thrilled that they were taking us to South Carolina for their wedding! We were even more thrilled that it was going to be in April before the mosquitos got there! However, it turns out that a whole lot of bitey gnats picked up the mosquitos’ slack and followed us around and chewed on us. For all of their couple portraits where they’re looking very sweet and adorable and attractive, they’re actually being slowly eaten alive by a creek we insisted on putting them near (sorry, guys). But! We think it was worth it. There was moss (yes!) and outdoor string lights (yes!) and water (yes!) and boggy-ness (yes!) and the weather was absolutely perfect (including a brief shower in the evening that washed away the humidity for the rest of the next). We love being in Charleston, we love these guys, and we loved everything about this amazing wedding.

Beach House Charleston Beach Mt Pleasant SC Family toasting bride Groomsmen getting ready Flower girl in crown Bride getting dressed Groom putting on tie Groomsmen Bride putting on dress Flower girl with crown Bride putting on earrings Bride walking on beach Bridesmaids on beach Groomsmen standing in ferns Bridesmaids walking on beach Bridesmaids by palm tree Groom in bunker Bridal portrait Bridal portrait Bridesmaid flowers Bride walking Flower girl walking down aisle Stella Maris Catholic Church Stella Maris Catholic Church Sullivan's Island Wedding at Stella Maris Sullivan's Island Sullivan's Island Stella Maris Wedding Wedding in Sullivan's Island SC First Kiss Stella Maris Wedding recessional Wedding party walking across street Wedding party Sullivan's Island SC Bride and groom in trolley Wedding trolley SC Creek Club at I'On Mt Pleasant SC Wedding at Creek Club at I'On Wedding in Charleston SC Ring shot in succulent flower Bride and groom with moss Wedding guest book idea Bride and groom portrait Bride and groom at Creek Club at I'On Creek Club at I'On Bride and Groom Charleston wedding on water Wedding in Charleston Bride and Groom Walking bride and groom sitting under moss tree Landscape at Creek Club at I'On Couple walking Interior Creek Club at I'On Bride and groom kissing Wedding portrait Charleston Bride and groom portrait South Carolina Wedding reception setup Creek Club at I'On Creek Club at I'On reception DIY wedding chandelier Wedding appetizers Cocktail hour at wedding Guests talking at cocktail hour Guests playing corn hole Layer wedding cake Guests laughing at wedding Cocktail hour First dance Crane flying Cake cutting DIY Wedding Details Wedding reception Father's speech at wedding Sweetheart table at wedding Father Daughter Dance Mother Son Dance Wedding Reception at Creek Club at I'On White Chocolate Band Outdoor reception setup Guests dancing at wedding White Chocolate Band Couple portrait under string lights Wedding Reception Mt. Pleasant SC Wedding Reception Venue Mt Pleasant SC Wedding guests dancing Bride playing guitar The Train at a wedding Guests hugging Guests talking Sparkler Exit
  • Date: April 11, 2015
  • Ceremony Venue: Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church // Sullivan’s Island, SC
  • Reception Venue: Creek Club at I’On // Mt Pleasant, SC
  • First Dance: “Dust to Dust” – The Civil Wars
  • Aaron’s Occupation: Army Infantry Officer
  • How you Met: 2005, in college
  • Interesting Fact: We’re a Miami Merger – which means we both went to Miami and ended up together. About 14% of alums are Miami Mergers.
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Reverend Monsignor Lawrence McInery | Band – White Chocolate Band | Florist – Branch Design Studio | Caterer – Creek Club at I’On | Hair/Makeup – Vanity Salon | Coordinator – Jacqueline Volz with Sweetgrass Social | Decor – 90% DIY by Jennifer | Cornhole Boards – Jennifer’s Dad