Callie // Bridal Portraits.

Callie and I shot these on what can only be described as a bajillion degree day of heat and humidity in central NC. I, however, was sweating much more than she was, as she seemed impervious to sweat. We also shot these inside the butterfly conservatory at the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science in Durham, which is known to add on additional layer of sweat lodge characteristics. Thankfully on this day, it happened to be cooler inside the butterfly house rather than outside, so it kept us from melting into small puddles while we were there. Callie’s hair and makeup held up beautifully and so did SHE! She’s a gorgeous, free-spirited type of lady who’s into her dog and her fiance Chris, who were married on August 11th (so now I can finally post these – yaaaay!). She also has the best biceps and triceps due to Crossfit. She told me she likes to “lift heavy things and then put them down and then lift them again.” Amen, sister. At Crossfit she also became friends with OUR amazing friend Sarah (whose wedding we shot and who designed our awesome bat logo!), so it’s a small world after all. I had an awesome time running around the Museum of Life and Science with her, her dad (who was included in the pictures because it was his birthday!), and the epic dinos. Later we hung out around Satellite Park for some more casual shots. Enjoy the post, and congrats to Callie and Chris!

The first wedding of the year is officially over, meaning I can now post Elise’s bridal portraits!! :D Ow ow!

Elise and I did these back in the beginning of February (hence the no “Carolyn” watermarks on them because I uploaded these to the blog last month and now am too lazy to go back and put my name on them, but Geoff couldn’t attend the session so I don’t really think they need to be labeled anyway). I asked her whether or not she wanted them to be funky or traditional, and she said she had thought traditional in front of Duke Chapel (where they were married yesterday in a wedding of awesome!) but now that I mentioned it, funky might be fun too. :) Sooo we split ’em up. Half in a crazy amazing antique store, the other half at Duke. Both, apparently, equally treacherous for her gorgeous dress (bridal portraits aren’t for the terribly faint of heart, and your dress will get dirty and need cleaned, and you may trip and rip part of your dress under your high heels, so make sure that you have a good and nice gown person who understands the dangers and can do any cleaning and repairs well before the wedding).

Elise is amazingly beautiful, and Geoff and I both agree that she looks like a young Molly Ringwald. I wasn’t sure whether or not Elise would be offended despite how gorgeous we think Molly Ringwald is (since you know how sometimes people tell you that you look like someone you don’t think you look like and it freaks you out?), but Geoff assured me that “Molly Ringwald was like, the Queen of the 80s!!” I told Elise, and she said, “Anytime anyone compares me to the Queen of anything (especially the 80s) I’m thrilled!”

This is why we love you, Elise. Have a great time in the Bahamas!