Caroline and Her Dress.

Caroline+Dana were married this past weekend, so now’s my chance to show you guys a few of my favorites from her bridal shoot. This lady’s got the best skin and complexion ever and she looked absolutely beautiful in that dress. Plus, I mean, do the math. 1 Caroline + 1 Carolyn + 1 Carolina Inn = Caros for days and an awesome dress session. ;)

Jen and her dress

Jen and Patrick were married on Saturday so now I can throw these up here without Patrick seeing them before the wedding day and me ruining the whole thing. :) Jen has a giant, fluffy dress that is amazing. Yet, in a rare turn of events that we hardly ever see, she could actually move around in it and wasn’t really worried about it. It was a heavy dress, but she carried the train herself AND her awesome bouquet made of brooches which added another 5-10lbs. I probably should’ve taken before/after arm flexing shots of her. Jen is gorgeous and there will be more of her awesome pretty face to come shortly!