Caroline and Her Dress.

Caroline+Dana were married this past weekend, so now’s my chance to show you guys a few of my favorites from her bridal shoot. This lady’s got the best skin and complexion ever and she looked absolutely beautiful in that dress. Plus, I mean, do the math. 1 Caroline + 1 Carolyn + 1 Carolina Inn = Caros for days and an awesome dress session. ;)

day 11/365

i’ve found that when you’re busy you quickly tend to forget about your 365 project. it’s much easier said than done in the january/february and it’s a generally slow two months for weddings, but as things start to pick back up i’ve suddenly realized why this is an almost impossible feat. however! i haven’t given up yet and don’t intend to, so…i’ll just keep trucking along until one day i actually do forget. :)

dress exposure:


why 365?

seriously, i can’t get enough of these pictures! being a raleigh wedding photographer books you weddings, but rarely trash the dress sessions are requested. bridal shoots are often requested, but let’s face it… a lot of people don’t want to actually harm their wedding dress with a trash the dress session. but i say you can always just kind of trash your dress and then dry clean it later. right ladies? i can’t wait to have another one of these sessions!