Caroline and Her Dress.

Caroline+Dana were married this past weekend, so now’s my chance to show you guys a few of my favorites from her bridal shoot. This lady’s got the best skin and complexion ever and she looked absolutely beautiful in that dress. Plus, I mean, do the math. 1 Caroline + 1 Carolyn + 1 Carolina Inn = Caros for days and an awesome dress session. ;)

Jen used to be a wedding client of ours, and while I suppose she is still a client in that she’s still hiring us for stuff, I now consider her to be a great friend. We’ve spent the past couple of months as walking buddies once a week, although we need to get back into that once we got out of the swing of it during our out-of-state weddings. :) But it’s been wonderful getting to know her and calling her a dear friend. I’ve also had the awesome pleasure of getting to see her son Rob Jr. grow from a newborn with jet black hair to a 10 month old little boy who can say “kitty” with strawberry blonde hair. Jen and I joke (but I really mean it) that we’ll now have to start watching what we talk about in front of him… as well as I need to start watching my sailor mouth a bit. ;) Wouldn’t want to pass that on to this dear little boy!

This session was all about Jen, her awesome wedding dress that she still cherishes and loves, her sweet RDJ (Robert D. Jr), and her sweet Black Lab named G. She wanted pictures with them all at Ayr Mount in Hillsborough, where they all frequent quite often with Jen’s husband Rob. We had a wonderful time and Jen looked¬†gorgeous… not to mention the RIDICULOUSLY CUTE outfit that she put on RDJ. Seriously, Jen, you could make millions off of that baby if you chose to (I know you wouldn’t, but I’m just saying, he’s adorable). His girlfriend is going to flip over these when he’s like, 24. ;)