i’ve been waiting for over a month to post erika’s bridal portraits! we couldn’t post them back in september because we would run the risk of dustin, erika’s fianc√©, seeing them. however, the two were married this weekend in a beautiful ceremony and are now on their honeymoon in vegas, so it’s safe to post! :) i can’t wait to write more about their fantastic wedding after i’m done editing their photographs.

but anyway, back in september erika contacted me to do a bridal shoot that was fun and different. she was getting married at hill ridge farms in youngsville, nc and there were tons of places on that farm to take awesome shots. erika’s a lot of fun and was not afraid to run around a corn field, sit in some hay, or climb over a wall or two! (don’t worry – her dress was fine!) since hill ridge farms is a children’s farm, they had a lot of great “props” and different areas to take some really fun photographs. we had a blast and came away with adorable shots.













a month or two ago stephan and i had our first consultation about her trash the dress shoot. her and her husband sean had recently married and she wanted to do a fun, artsy post-wedding shoot. stephan and i had tons of fabulous ideas and for the next month we both rummaged through thrift stores for great trash the dress props. we had a bit of a delay when we had to wait for our shooting permit from the american tobacco campus in durham, but we finally got it and our trash the dress session finally arrived!

for those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a trash the dress session is a relatively new idea (within the past several years) where a bride has a very artsy shoot in a strange place (usually grungy or in the ocean or some body of water). the bride no longer plans on using the dress because the wedding has come and gone, and most of the time the dress was slightly damaged from the wedding and they can no longer resell it. so, she decides to have a trash the dress session where the dress literally gets trashed.

stephan and i had wanted to go into the water, but were informed by american tobacco that it’s severely frowned upon :) so we didn’t. but it did rain, and people did look at us like we were crazy taking the bride in her wedding dress out in the rain. the clouds made for some fierce shots. i love love love the results of this session and i give all the credit to stephan and her husband sean for having awesome ideas, being cooperative and patient, and being an awesome couple. you rock guys!

here’s a preview… more to come tomorrow and then later under “weddings>stephan-trash the dress” in my portfolio.










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