Remember the epicness that was the wedding of Valerie and Kenneth?! Well thankfully I was graced with their amazing presence again last week when I was asked to do their family portraits. :) I love this job the most when I get to see my clients again and follow their families along!  And trust me, this family (parents AND kids) is easy to photograph. They were awesome at posing at their wedding, and they’re still awesome at posing now, in their own house. Valerie and Kenneth have a very expressive and funky style and both could easily take first place in America’s Next Top Model. They’ve apparently passed these important skills along to their kids, Xavian and Ariyana, who also had great style and that Blue Steel look.

Val and Kenneth wanted their pictures to be casual and take place in their home. Then they wanted them funky and taking place in near Franklin Street in Chapel Hill… complete with sunglasses and a lot of attitude. Both came out equally awesome! Love love love this family! Cocoa, the dog, somehow knew we were taking family portraits and hopped in almost all of them, haha. And pictured below is Mary, Kenneth’s mother, who had some pictures taken with her grandkids. :)

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Love these kids! They are so adorable and get along so well. Xavian is 10 and Ariyana is 7.

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Get your modeling on, Cocoa.

Raleigh family portraits Carolyn Scott Photography

The picture below pretty much exemplifies the Stanford family. It also shows off Valerie and Kenneth’s modeling skills.

Carolyn Scott Photography Chapel Hill family portraits

Standford family, when you put out a CD someday, the picture below and to the right needs to be the cover. Needs to. You’d make millions. All I require is credit on the inside jacket, okay?

Non traditional portraits Casual portraits

LOOK AT THIS KID!!! He is amazing.

children headshots

Ariyana came up with the peace sign pose and, when she releases a CD (which she surely will), this will be her cover.

casual childrens portraits childrens headshots casual portraits casual portraits

Seriously, this is the coolest, most suave and well-dressed family of 4 on the planet. And despite their serious model faces, they are genuinely some of the most hilarious people I’ve ever met. Their sense of humor is great.

funky family portraits Carolyn Scott Photography

So in conclusion, remember these faces… because they’re bound to be on radio, television, or some other form of mass media eventually. It’s only a matter of time.

the whiteheads are such an amazing family…two wonderful parents and 5 beautiful children! we had so much fun on our shoot last year and even more fun this year. this family is just great! we took the shots at nc state arboretum where the kids ran around and had a great time. it was crazy to see how much the kids had grown in just one year!

raleigh portrait photographer raleigh portrait photographer

the light was so nice because we shot in late afternoon…it went back and forth between cloudy and occasional warm rays of sun. it gave us a lot of nice summery-type light.

raleigh portrait photographer raleigh portrait photographer raleigh portrait photographer

this little girl is amazing! she was very opposed to getting her picture taken last year, then she came back this year and started requesting poses and backgrounds! it was hilarious…not only is she adorable, but we have the same name! ;)

raleigh portrait photographer raleigh portrait photographer raleigh portrait photographer

this little tot had a photoshoot all to himself due to the one-year-old-ants-in-the-pants-syndrome that caused him to be absent from some of the shots with his older sisters. :) but he sure knows how to work it for the camera when he sits for a while! look at those blue eyes!

raleigh portrait photographer raleigh portrait photographer raleigh portrait photographer raleigh portrait photographer

great great family….thanks, guys!

had a fantastic time taking portraits of the whitehead family, my wonderful returning clients, this evening at the NC state arboretum! they’re on a tiny bit of an editing waiting list at the moment, but here’s a sneak peak – a tiny one! :)


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