When Kristen first wrote me, she told me that she runs a consulting business for dog business owners. And I wrote back, “Wait, what?” First of all, I did not really know that there was an industrial complex known as a dog business. Second of all, I did not know AT ALL that there were indeed coaches! conferences! consulting! branding businesses! ALL built for and around people who own the dog businesses! What! My head exploded and my world got a little bigger. Kristen Lee is, in fact, a dog biz consultant. She helps dog business owners, especially women, find their voice in the industry. She helps them brand themselves and their businesses to take them to the next level. I find it completely fascinating. Kristen came from the corporate world and has been putting her skills to use for the doggo businesses for years, and now she’s developed a following, speaking at conferences and consulting near and far. Part of that following is based on her badass, wild child personality. She’s confident, determined, and likes to give the finger a lot (part of her message of disrupting the norms in the dog business industry). I’m thankful to have been able to update her headshots to reflect her confidence and personality. And of course, if you or someone you know has a dog walking business and are interested in branding, visit Kristen Lee Consulting to learn more!