Amy and Jon “…are Californians who hail from Los Angeles but we are not snooty and we hate juice fasts.” :) I can’t speak for the juice fasts, but they certainly aren’t snooty and are up for practically anything. They’re happy-go-lucky people who just happen to be really really pretty. Despite moving back to California this month (this time to the San Francisco area), they wanted to have engagement pictures taken in Durham since it means a lot to them. They moved here when Jon decided to attend business school, and together they adopted their first puppy and got engaged. So even though they’re moving back, they’ve come to really love Durham and see it as a big part of their relationship. They wanted nature, tall trees, skylines, American Tobacco views, and urban city backgrounds. So we ran around the Eno! We hopped around downtown! We did all this without anyone contracting poison ivy and only running into only ONE instance of urine around an elevator! :D You can’t ask for a more successful session than that. ;) So with these pictures we bid a fond farewell to Amy and Jon and wish them the best of luck returning to California. Durham will miss you!couple walking in woods west point on the eno west point on the eno durham engagement session in the eno couple holding hands walking engagement photographs couple walking through the woods engagement portrait in the eno couple hugging in the woods couple laughing west point on the eno couple laughing west point on the eno durham engagement photographers black and white photo west point on the eno couple standing by water couple sitting on log west point on the eno engagement session west point on the eno engagement session downtown durham engagement session silhouetted engagement photo durham skyline durham nc skyline durham engagement photos durham engagement photographers durham portrait photographers downtown durham engagement session quirky engagement portrait engagement portrait durham nc couple laughing downtown durham downtown durham couple walking couple in alley portrait in durham alley couple walking couple standing by wall creative durham photographers durham engagement session

This was our very, very last shoot of 2014 and we have to say that it was a very good year. Soon we’ll be posting our year-in-review posts, but we had to put this up first to officially end our year right. :) We couldn’t have asked for two better people to round out the last twelve months with! Also, we’re kind of oddly similar. Apparently Carson just recently shaved his beard, or else it might be difficult to tell us all physically apart. My sister saw the sneak peek I posted of them right after the session, and had a strong negative reaction when she thought some other guy was kissing me (right before the holidays, no less!) and wondered what I had done with Geoff, until she realized that was not, in fact, me in the picture.

Virginia and Carson recently got engaged, and they also recently moved to Durham. Virginia accepted a position as a librarian at Duke and Carson is in law school, and Durham happened to be a great location for the both of them to do their adult job stuff. So they moved into an adorable house with their furry friends: cats Spike and Pickles, and Brittany Spaniel named QuiQui (who is, obviously, European). Virginia really wanted to have engagement photos, but she really didn’t want to have them actually taken, but she promised us she wouldn’t roll her eyes through the whole session, so we showed up at their house and went to work. And throughout the entire thing, both in their home and out on 9th street in the cold, Virginia didn’t roll her eyes once! In fact, her and Carson were just plain adorable. They cooked in their kitchen (mmm, cheese spread), played guitar for us on their porch (they are talented musicians and singers!), and were generally very receptive to cuddling on their couch with QuiQui and also posing by strange vans in alleyways. We had an awesome time getting to know them both, and we’re so happy to have been able to finish our year with this really cute duo.