I caught up with this crew a few weeks ago to do a family photo session at their new home in Durham! The kids are loving it there – they have a great front and back yard and an awesome pool! The pool was closed for the season but maybe someday I’ll see it in full swing. There was a lot of fun to be had in their playroom with a bouncy trampoline gym type thingy and balance blocks, and they also have their own Pilates room since Crystal is a Pilates instructor! We also did some stomp rockets, played croquet in their yard, ate some snacks, and played Dog Bingo, which might be one of the best types of Bingo (their dog Atlas certainly thinks so). Had a great time seeing these folks again!

Meet Sasha and Robert! Yes, like Sasha and Bob, even though Robert hasn’t gotten to the point where he’s met Bob yet in the Walking Dead (we told him he needs to catch up and keep going). They have a really cute three-year-old named Cooper who is very enthusiastic, and a very calm and level-headed 5-month-old named Everly. Sasha warned us that Cooper is kind of a ham and would work right away on winning us over, which he did. We were unpacking our gear from the car when he started frantically waving at us from the window of the house.

Once inside, we were immediately bombarded with dogs (Cobie – Terrier, cute. Ollie – Chow mix, cute.) and I went right to work petting them because I can’t resist anything fluffy. Cooper immediately broke us up so that he could show us his room and ask us to read books to him. Sasha warned me that he might try to lock us in his room and keep us there forever, so we were able to outsmart him and stood just outside the doorway… just in case. Later we all woke up Everly and immediately started taking her picture, and while this might be a recipe for disaster for anyone over the age of 12 with any degree of body awareness, it works just fine on babies.

We made cookies! We scootered! We played games! Bug the Cat made an appearance and let me pet him too! It was a successful day all around with no tears except from Everly who insists on standing in an upright position at all times. Look at our success!