pittsburgh visit.

this past weekend and week has been a total whirlwind for us. we went home knowing we’d already be busy enough with my mom’s birthday and visiting my grandma in the hospital, but with added engagement news on top of that we got really exhausted really quick. lots of talking, lots of planning, lots of discussion. we didn’t get back to raleigh until late sunday night and have been rushing to catch up on all the business we missed while we were gone while simultataneously trying to recover. geoff has a cold and i’m exhausted, but we’re slowly catching up. i’ve been editing from last week’s shoots and preparing for the wedding i’m photographing this weekend in cary.

i uploaded some of the photos we took in pittsburgh this past week – all of which were taken at PNC park. we took my mom there for her birthday as neither of my parents had ever been to the new stadium. the pirates lost, of course, but going to that stadium is always so much fun – and it was fireworks night! plus the pittsburgh skyline never gets old.


magic hour in the ‘burgh.



the sister and me…cheesing it up at the game.





seriously – who mows those lines so straight?




there was a giant red moon that night that, when photographed properly, reminds me of a bad 80s music video.



“even fireworks at pirates games dwarf most cities’ fourth of july.” – laura

p.s. go steelers!

so when i first started this blog i pretty much vowed to update it every day like a good photographer should. however, life comes along and you get distracted. jobs, family, and friends happen and the next thing you know is that you haven’t updated in several weeks. orrr it could also be that you’re way too busy watching all the episodes of LOST that you’ve got stockpiled in your netflix cue… enough to probably last you a good several months. either way.

anyway, i’ve taken tons of pictures since memorial day. (that’s right, i have pictures from memorial day that i’ve been meaning to post). i’ve been sorting through them and slowly editing, but now i can’t find a reason to write about things that happened several months ago. so here’s the deal – i am going to be updating every day and include at least one picture from past or present shoots. i might write about photography… i might write about something completely random. but it’ll be a post everyday! really! i mean it this time! :)

memorial day:

this memorial day we had fireworks in pittsburgh with our family back home.  it was a lot of fun (until the neighbors called the cops). geoff’s little cousins were there being cute:

julykid-copy sparklergirl-copy

geoff was there, being ridiculous:


and my dad was there… standing way too close to all of the explosives:


not pictured: everyone else.

also – more on the actual dangers of fireworks later this week.

updating is fun!