today’s dolfy’s birthday, also entering the terrible two’s along with buckles. :) he spent most of the day meowing incessantly and following me around the house. he’s a terror…an absolute terror…but we love him. buckles is like the naive, slightly slow and clumsy brother while dolfy is the mastermind behind every broken and shredded object in our house. he’s the reason “why we can’t have nice things.” but just look at that face. :)


why 365?

day 29/365

some days just have awesome light. there are lots of days where you’d think you would have good light, but it’s just kind of flat. then there are other days where the forecast is the same but the light is somehow much better. today was one of those days. and since i didn’t have any shoots today, i decided to use the light to my advantage and take what is known as the stereotypical project 365 headshot-style self-portrait. :) one of these usually ends up in a 365 photo blog at least once…mainly due to awesome light, no shoots that day, and a lack of motivation to move outside your house at the moment.

so a 365 photo blog can be photographs of anything. however, there are lots of photographers that do 365 blogs exclusively on self-portraits. that’s a picture of yourself every day for 365 days. let me say that i have seen some of the most creative stuff from these photogs…because geez, that’s a lot of pictures of yourself. i don’t think i’d particularly want people to see me everyday since i basically spend my time sitting around in my where the wild things are pajamas when i’m not out in public.  :)

in other news, going to the designers downtown market on saturday with my friend kate and shooting a lot there. should have some good stuff this weekend. hopefully the weather holds out.

self portrait

also took a portrait of my shoes…because i love them.

blowfish shoes

why 365?