We got a lot of fan girl comments over these adorable bulldogs we photographed with Sarah and Chris last month. Now it’s time for the bulldog roly-poly cuteness to make way for newborn human baby brother roly-poly cuteness as their family welcomes Rafael into the mix! He is loved and adored by everyone, including Seamus and Sasquatch, although we currently had to be careful of bulldogs rolling over onto him because bulldogs are not particularly aware of their surroundings no matter how cute they are. Here are Rafael’s current stats.
Favorite activity: sleeping
Tolerant of: pageboy hats, bowties
Equipped with: full head of hair
Currently listening to: Elliot Smith
Least favorite thing: hiccups
We are so glad to be part of the welcome of Rafael into the world, and we hope he likes it here very much. His parents are rad, and he has two awesome bulldog brothers who will show him the ropes. Our heartfelt congratulations to Sarah and Chris! Thank you for letting us document this part of your lives!

Newborn Session: Baby Finn.

We are always so happy to keep in touch with our awesome couples, and Brooke and David are no exception. And let’s be honest, their cat Spencer is pretty great too. We photographed their wedding back in May 2014 and have been keeping in touch with them and Spencer ever since, happily watching on from a respectful but also kind of creepy distance as Brooke writes tasty, tasty recipes on her foodie blog, Never Any Thyme (named after everyone’s favorite Jessie Spano “I’m So Excited” freakout), and giving her positive but insistent encouragement to bring back her bangs. Brooke is also crafty as hell, and knits stuff that is adorable and completely unattainable with my skill level. I admire her greatly. David isn’t on Instagram so I can’t stalk him as much and Spencer unfortunately doesn’t have his own account yet (hint) but I have high hopes for their adorable little offspring named Finn to have his own hashtag. Look at him! He is adorable and squishy and we are so, so happy for Brooke and David! This kid is a champ. I think he maybe cried for .2 seconds during the shoot, and the rest of the time he drank his entire weight in milk and fell asleep and let us do whatever we wanted. Brooke craved a lot of pineapple during her pregnancy, so we wrapped him in a pineapple swaddle, took some pictures, and called it a day. We also surrounded him with oranges? Because… we didn’t have any pineapple… ? And also… citrus is all the same, right? Wait, I just Googled it, and pineapple isn’t even a citrus. Uggggggh.

We are so excited to introduce you all to Lauren and Michael, and their newborn son Harrison, who is stunning and handsome and wears a lot of hats (not like, in the figurative sense where he has a lot of different roles to play, but rather in the literal sense that he actually does wear a lot of hats). Michael is Kevin’s cousin, and we were so honored to do more work for this awesome family and get to know him and Lauren better (and also their loudly purring cat named Topanga *cue Boy Meets World song*). So they had us over one rainy day shortly after Harrison was born to take pictures of his tiny self in his many hats hanging out with his family and his grandparents. And everything was well and good until it started rainy incredibly hard and got so ridiculously dark that we had to come back a different day when it was brighter to retake some of the photos so they weren’t so gloomy and daaaaark. So if it looks like the set above was taken on two different days, that’s because it was. The good news is that Harrison decided to sleep the second time we were there (yay!) so it was a win-win for sunshine and sleepiness. :)