This beautiful family steals my heart! I photographed Flare, Tre’, and Rye a few years ago when Rye was 8 months old. Now suddenly Rye is walking, talking, has two twin brothers, and is another HUGE fan of Carolyn Scott Photography bat stickers. It was so much fun reuniting with all of them in their gorgeous home. Flare is an extremely talented interior designer who is absolutely brilliant with color schemes and design. Tre’ is a whiz with computers and gaming and has his own little command center setup, which I love and respect. Together they’ve created three incredible humans with obviously awesome fashion taste. Rye is so intelligent and kind and was a great photography assistant! Twins Era-Noel and Seol literally could not stop gazing deep into the camera for the entirety of my visit, and are clearly destined for successful modeling careers. It was so nice to finally see and hug these humans again and meet their wonderful new additions!

Guys! Tyler has now gone from a baby to a toddler. How does that happen? Science, I guess, and time. And now that he’s older, he’s starting to show some preferences and affinities that I hope he carries with him through the rest of his life. Namely: his love of cats and his overuse of sprinkles while making cookies. When I say cats, I mean their two pet cats Bongo and Max who stare at us from the top step and then run, and also his orange stuffed cat named Tom who does not leave Tyler’s side. And when I say overuse of sprinkles, I mean that 99% of that cookie is comprised of sprinkles, and I’m really not sure how you’d eat it, but I support it.

Tyler also likes painting his parents, running through bubbles, and looking aggravated while sitting on top of a gnome stool. He also likes making Super Target stores out of sand in his sand box (he is going to be such a catch). We are told that he wants to be a “big fat morning dove” when he grows up, and he enjoys riding his tricycle, identifying dogs on walks, and feeding ducks when they are at the pond. Laurin and Tim enjoy really wonderful art, really wonderful wallpaper, Game of Thrones, and keeping up with Tyler. The best part of taking photos of repeat clients is seeing how they got a large print made of Tyler looking aggravated while sitting on top of a gnome stool. We absolutely adore this family.