This beautiful family steals my heart! I photographed Flare, Tre’, and Rye a few years ago when Rye was 8 months old. Now suddenly Rye is walking, talking, has two twin brothers, and is another HUGE fan of Carolyn Scott Photography bat stickers. It was so much fun reuniting with all of them in their gorgeous home. Flare is an extremely talented interior designer who is absolutely brilliant with color schemes and design. Tre’ is a whiz with computers and gaming and has his own little command center setup, which I love and respect. Together they’ve created three incredible humans with obviously awesome fashion taste. Rye is so intelligent and kind and was a great photography assistant! Twins Era-Noel and Seol literally could not stop gazing deep into the camera for the entirety of my visit, and are clearly destined for successful modeling careers. It was so nice to finally see and hug these humans again and meet their wonderful new additions!


What an utterly delightful small child Alex is! I already knew that Katherine and Jon were delightful so it didn’t surprise me. Alex, much like his father, loves cars and transportation devices of any type. His vehicle of choice is a sweet blue and orange number by Little Tikes and he’ll beat you in a street race any day of the week. He’s fast. He’s mean. He’ll casually rest his elbow on his permanently rolled down window and look like one cool dude, and you better get out of the way. When he’s not racing people in the streets, he’s offering Cheerios to his parents and then swiftly rescinding the offer and putting them back in his own mouth. When he’s not doing that, you can also find him reading, building towers of blocks and then knocking them over, or hanging out at the local playground where he’ll also race you on the slides, all while being one cool dude still. I am excited for the breadth of knowledge about Rush he’ll have when he’s older. He’s very charming. His parents are very charming. I’m very happy to reunite with them and meet their little street racer.