Our time with Kelly and Steven was way too short and they spent their wedding day talking to WAY too many people that weren’t us (how rude!) so at some point we’re going to have to visit them out in California and force a long-distance friendship upon them because they love zombies and Game of Thrones. I believe that zombies were mentioned several times in speeches and so they are our people. And it’s wonderful that their general nerddom is widely known, accepted, and loved by their family and friends.

We hadn’t met with Kelly or Steven before their wedding, and I believe that booking them went something like this:
1.) Kelly inquires. Carolyn responds.
2.) Another couple inquires for the same date a few hours later. Carolyn responds to both this couple and to Kelly and Steven, letting them know multiple people are looking at the same date.
3.) Kelly frantically calls 0.025 seconds after the e-mail reaches her inbox, leaving a desperate and panicked voicemail for us.
4.) Carolyn calls Kelly back and she swoops up the date.

It’s always really humbling and wonderful when someone really loves your work and wants to book you, but Kelly and Steven were a whole other level and made us feel so welcome!! To evidence my perpetual undervaluing of ourselves, Kelly said, “I’m so glad you’re here!” while she was getting ready, and I believe I looked around the room and said, “Who, me?” after a 10 second pause. It is SO NICE to be appreciated and to work with clients who treat you like family even though you just met! I’m sad that these two live in California, but I’m happy to feel like we now have friends across the country who also like zombies.

Kelly and Steven are two perfect peas in a pod. They’re nerdy, adorable, and have a height difference that Geoff and I can relate to. They love dancing and chose Eric Hodgden to keep their party going, which is always an excellent choice! They also had the BEST TEAM of flower girls and ring bearers. I did not make one single member of this team cry! And for those who follow our work, you’ll know that I’m always making some flower girl or ring bearer visibly miserable. Not these guys. They were hilarious, but also really helpful, and adorable 100% of the time. There was delicious food and sparkly lights in a tree and a BEAUTIFUL bride and handsome groom, and also a really cute stuffed reindeer. We love you, Kelly and Steven! Thank you for being supportive and AMAZING clients!

– Date: September 16, 2017
– Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Sutherland // Wake Forest, NC
– First Dance Song: “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” – Sleeping at Last
– Kelly’s Occupation: Manager for a power wheelchair company
– Steven’s Occupation: 3D Graphic Artist
– How You Met: Match.com
– Interesting Fact: We love travelling, rescuing dogs, and practicing zombie survival skills.
– Vendor Credits: Pastor – Jeff Babajtis. DJ – Eric Hodgden of All Around DJ Company. Florist – Lyn of Fresh Affairs. Cake – Ashley of Ashley Cakes. Caterer – Vicki with Rocky Top Catering. Hair/Makeup – Makeup For Your Day. Coordinator – Christy Ethridge of The Sutherland.

We were so thrilled with this chillaxed Saturday afternoon brunchtastic wedding. There were cute dogs and Home Alone and I got to ride standing in the back of a golf cart to go see a cute horse. And that was just one hour into the day. The rest of the day involved a very wonderfully creepy historical museum on a beautiful plot of land during the most idyllic day of the fall in North Carolina. Meaghan’s dress was one of my all-time favorite wedding dresses (BHLDN) and I threatened to steal it several times. She looked gorgeous. Alex was also looking mighty handsome in our first ever maroon groom suit jacket which we definitely need to see more of. They’re several cars ahead of everyone on the east coast fashion train, and that’s how we like ’em. Then we made them stand in front of strange wallpapers and old pianos and graveyards and had the best day ever.

In addition to being cute, they’re also lovely and hilarious human beings whose company we thoroughly enjoyed. And despite me walking through this graveyard for their pictures, I don’t appear to be haunted yet (knock on wood!) so that’s a plus. The graveyard is of the family of the first guy who brought plaid to the U.S. Yes, plaid! It’s like a graveyard for lumberjacks and Scotsmen. Everything was so fall and so southern charm and had such a hint of mild spookiness that I wanted to roll around in all of the magnificent Magnolia leaves and absorbbbb the wedding. But that wouldn’t be social acceptable, so I just took pictures of it. Also, Peter Lamb the Wolves were there, and they’re our favorite jazz band and we just adore working with them. IT WAS THE PERFECT DAY.

  • Date: November 19, 2016
  • Ceremony + Reception Venue: Alamance Historical Museum // Burlington, NC
  • Afterparty: Whiskey Kitchen // Raleigh, NC
  • First Dance Song: “La Vie en Rose” – Performed by Peter Lamb and the Wolves
  • Meaghan’s Occupation: Brand manager for Luxury Brand Partners
  • Alex’s Occupation: Field Technology Specialist for FedEx Office
  • How You Met: Alex was my neighbor when I first moved to Raleigh from South Florida.  I needed jumper cables. He didn’t have any but soon after there was a set on my car with a cute note.  The rest is history…
  • Interesting Fact: Alex has a hidden talent of being an amazing origami artist. Meaghan can not fold origami lol.
  • Honeymoon: Boone, NC.
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Rev. Kathie McCutcheon. Jazz Band – Peter Lamb and the Wolves. Florist – Pamela J. Watts. Macaron Tower – Annelore’s Bakery. Caterer – Michelle’s Kitchen. Hair/Makeup – Stephanie Sevilla of The Make-up Culture. Coordinator – Chad Clayton of Boy Friday Events. Wedding dress – BHLDN

We are absolutely in love with small weddings, pixie haircuts, Rush, and silver wedding dresses. This was a good day for us. It was a wedding of 50 people in Saint Anne’s Chapel in Tarboro, NC: an adorable, somewhat-haunted-looking church from the 1920s, located on property that belonged to a Civil War general in the 1800s. I was in love with it from the moment I saw it. It belongs to Blair’s aunt and uncle, who acquired the property some years back and restored the church which was in a bit of disrepair, and moved into the general’s old farm house. It has a big front porch where Geoff and I drank lemonade in some rocking chairs and felt truly southern.

The reception was held right behind the church where their family and friends gathered to support them, and the kids took over the lawn games. All while listening to Rush and Prince. It was so, so good. Blair and John, who are two super outstanding people with now four outstanding children, are very calm and happy people, and so this was a chillaxing event where everyone had fun. I ate a gluten free cheesecake, and it didn’t rain at all, so I feel like it really couldn’t have been a better day. Congratulations, guys!

  • Date: May 21, 2016
  • Ceremony + Reception Venue: Saint Anne’s Chapel and Retreat Center // Tarboro, North Carolina
  • First Dance Song: “The Luckiest” – Ben Folds
  • Blair’s Occupation: Tax accountant (no, that does not mean she knows anything about real estate tax or anything else not related to a foreign bank). She’s also a full time family coordinator, chauffeur, personal shopper, and domestic goddess.
  • John’s Occupation:John is a mechical engineer and has designed some pretty cool helicopter parts in his day, but now he is in business development figuring out parts for the oil industry. He is the resident tinkerer, fixing of things that need fixing, and enjoys making Blair laugh with his nerdy jokes and bizarre mental recollection of 80’s music.
  • How You Met: Match.com – seriously!
  • Interesting Fact: Uh, really not good at answering this question – people seem to find it bizarre that Blair has a masters in accounting but an undergrad in interior design. John will eat pretty much anything from fois gras in Paris to Hillbilly hotdogs in Lesage, WV and he is a total beer nerd.
  • Honeymoon: Grenada!
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Pastor Sharon Taylor. Acoustic Guitarist – Matthew Kanon. Wedding Coordinator – Mark Brown. Cakes and Pies – Michele Chavis. Caterer – H.I. Tharringont. Hair/Makeup – Bride.