Okay, so Katherine promised me that she’d up her enthusiasm game in the future because Jon was clearly practicing, and therefore outdid Katherine in jump height maneuvers repeatedly throughout the day. Although, to be fair, Katherine is very short, and Jon is very tall, so I’m pretty sure Jon will always win the jump height game no matter how hard she practices (sorry, Katherine – this is our burden in life to carry… limited jumping abilities). Jon has also upped the ante in the SUPER EXCITED GROOM department, so future clients take note. He dances! He sings! He jumps! He hugs! And he is very clearly the happiest guy ever whenever he’s around Katherine, and it’s adorable in all sorts of ways. I’m pretty sure that Jon’s excitement was magnified because his car wasn’t present during the wedding day (much to my disappointment as I had predicted it would light the unity candle). So all the energy that he usually splits between adoring Katherine and adoring his car was just 100% magnified onto Katherine (although Katherine did get him rad Monopoly car cufflinks(!) to take the place of his beloved Honda).

These two are so fun. And they are so good hearted! Katherine repeatedly kept asking if she could get us anything, and we kept shooing her away with the shooey hand gestures and all, but she kept returning to keep asking if we needed things because she is a genuinely nice person (No, Katherine! Go to your cocktail hour! Go! Gooo!). They also crack us up as they both employ a hearty sense of humor, and their friends were the same way, so it was a pretty wonderful day. Also, horas. I love horas. And bands who have lead singers who tend to lay down in the middle of crowds. Their wedding was a win. Now we can finally get around to seeing shows with them… and maybe Katherine and I can work on our jumps.

• Date: June 3, 2017
• Ceremony + Reception Venue: Merrimon-Wynne House // Raleigh, NC
• First Dance Song: “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” – Talking Heads
• Katherine’s Occupation: Market Research Analyst
• Jon’s Occupation: Nuclear Power Plant Engineer
• How You Met: Online via OkCupid (we talked, Katherine stopped using the website, then started again, we found each other the second time around, and the rest is history!)
• Interesting Fact: Jon was a DJ at 88.1 WKNC (the NC State college radio station) and Katherine listened to his show and dug the music years before they ever met each other!
• Honeymoon: Thailand, Singapore, and Hawaii!
• Vendor Credits: Officiant – Glenn Leibel (Katherine’s Uncle). Band – Punch. Florist – Dogwood Tree Floral Designs. Donuts – Krispy Kreme. Caterer – Rocky Top. Hair/Makeup – Parlor Raleigh. Coordinator – Sally Oakley Weddings & Events. Ceremony Music – Arioso Strings.

This wedding had all of my favorite things: cats, Mediterranean food, light-up star lanterns, and stories about Tim Robbins. It also had one of my least favorite things: creepy baby dolls. Granted, the creepy baby dolls weren’t the bride and groom’s fault.

Welcome to our recap of Brooke and David’s wedding! It was pretty great. I was glad that for once I got to photograph inside the bride’s house and thus was able to photograph the couple’s cat (Geoff for some reason always gets this opportunity and I’m always missing out on the cute furry parts of weddings). Of course, Geoff still got to photograph the furry adorableness of their friend’s dog who was also insanely cute, and so we both had a good morning. The rest of the wedding was just as awesome (including an impressive guitar solo overhead during the ceremony on the steps of Haywood Hall courtesy of Artsplosure). The food was some of the best wedding food we’ve everrrrr had, and we got to spend some time taking portraits inside a historic house among other portraits of people (some of which creeped David out, but not to the extent of the effect that the baby doll collection had on all of us).

This was also our first wedding with a super comfortable and low-maintenance wrap dress and our first couple with a prominently displayed Andy Warhol print in their living room. They also have about 90% of the same books as us, so we think they’re pretty good people, but we didn’t have to necessarily scour their reading material to tell you that. We’ve had a great time getting to know Brooke and David and the awesome people that we think they are, and this was reinforced by spending their wedding weekend stalking them with cameras from a short distance away. And now without further ado…

wedding photographers in raleigh north carolina

Date: May 17, 2014

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Haywood Hall // Raleigh, NC

First Dance Song: “There is No Greater Love” – Billie Holiday

Brooke’s Occupation: Health Promotion Specialistc

David’s Occupation: Underwriting Manager

How You Met: Brooke and David met through the persistent matchmaking of their mutual friend Sara. Brooke remembers eating drippy tacos, David remembers eating edamame. They both agree there was Bang Bang Shrimp.

Interesting Fact about Brooke: Brooke once lost her cellphone at a fossil dig. The phone was eventually recovered…along with prehistoric turtle and alligator skeletons.

Interesting Fact about David: David once shopped with Tim Robbins. They looked at and discussed vintage concert t-shirts for the Violent Femmes and the Pixies. Also, invented Bubble Tape. You’re welcome.

Honeymoon Destination: Mexico! Margaritas! Mayan ruins!

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Allan Maule | DJ – Shelby Merchant | Florist – State Farmer’s Market | Cake – Teal Petal Cakes | Caterer – Charlie’s Kabobs | Hair – Jenna Emory | Makeup – Dora Hargittai | Coordinator – John-Michael Gillivan | Invitations – Lovely in Ink Designs