This wedding had all of my favorite things: cats, Mediterranean food, light-up star lanterns, and stories about Tim Robbins. It also had one of my least favorite things: creepy baby dolls. Granted, the creepy baby dolls weren’t the bride and groom’s fault.

Welcome to our recap of Brooke and David’s wedding! It was pretty great. I was glad that for once I got to photograph inside the bride’s house and thus was able to photograph the couple’s cat (Geoff for some reason always gets this opportunity and I’m always missing out on the cute furry parts of weddings). Of course, Geoff still got to photograph the furry adorableness of their friend’s dog who was also insanely cute, and so we both had a good morning. The rest of the wedding was just as awesome (including an impressive guitar solo overhead during the ceremony on the steps of Haywood Hall courtesy of Artsplosure). The food was some of the best wedding food we’ve everrrrr had, and we got to spend some time taking portraits inside a historic house among other portraits of people (some of which creeped David out, but not to the extent of the effect that the baby doll collection had on all of us).

This was also our first wedding with a super comfortable and low-maintenance wrap dress and our first couple with a prominently displayed Andy Warhol print in their living room. They also have about 90% of the same books as us, so we think they’re pretty good people, but we didn’t have to necessarily scour their reading material to tell you that. We’ve had a great time getting to know Brooke and David and the awesome people that we think they are, and this was reinforced by spending their wedding weekend stalking them with cameras from a short distance away. And now without further ado…

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Date: May 17, 2014

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Haywood Hall // Raleigh, NC

First Dance Song: “There is No Greater Love” – Billie Holiday

Brooke’s Occupation: Health Promotion Specialistc

David’s Occupation: Underwriting Manager

How You Met: Brooke and David met through the persistent matchmaking of their mutual friend Sara. Brooke remembers eating drippy tacos, David remembers eating edamame. They both agree there was Bang Bang Shrimp.

Interesting Fact about Brooke: Brooke once lost her cellphone at a fossil dig. The phone was eventually recovered…along with prehistoric turtle and alligator skeletons.

Interesting Fact about David: David once shopped with Tim Robbins. They looked at and discussed vintage concert t-shirts for the Violent Femmes and the Pixies. Also, invented Bubble Tape. You’re welcome.

Honeymoon Destination: Mexico! Margaritas! Mayan ruins!

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Allan Maule | DJ – Shelby Merchant | Florist – State Farmer’s Market | Cake – Teal Petal Cakes | Caterer – Charlie’s Kabobs | Hair – Jenna Emory | Makeup – Dora Hargittai | Coordinator – John-Michael Gillivan | Invitations – Lovely in Ink Designs

Now, unfortunately I can’t take credit for the amazing first photo you see here:

This is Becky’s Facebook profile picture (used with her permission). She said that since they didn’t have engagement pictures taken that she would make their own. By photoshopping her cat in. Three times. My favorite is the one peeking over Steven’s shoulder (Steven and the cat do not get along but are working on it). Anyway, this is clearly better than all of their wedding pictures combined so I had to open with it because it is amazing.

Becky and Steven are clearly awesome based on the photo above. They met in February and tied the knot the first weekend in December and were SO excited for their morning/afternoon wedding at Caffe Luna. It was freeeezing outside for their 8:30am pictures but neither one of them ever complained and were really good sports. They’re  both incredibly sweet people and it wasn’t hard to keep Becky laughing at all times despite the open toed shoes and strapless dress and my lenses fogging up in 30 degree weather.

Their wedding was attended by all of their sweet family members and their brothers, who were the Best Man and the Man of Honor. :) The Amazing Jenny, Becky’s friend, acted as a wedding coordinator who was so well coordinated that I pulled her aside and asked if she was really just a friend or actually a legit coordinator. She was a friend. And was great! There were also super cute sock monkeys and invitations that were hand drawn by Becky herself (who can do awesome calligraphy!) and holly accents as a shout out to Steven’s merry last name (and the time of year). :) They were even so, so kind to get a gluten free cake for me and another guest with allergies!! I WAS SO EXCITED TO EAT CAKE AT A WEDDING YOU HAVE NO IDEA. It was delicious!!! So nice and unexpected and kind.

Congratulations, Becky and Steven! Please keep in touch with us on your adventures around Raleigh and we hope that you enjoy the photos when you get back from your honeymoon!! You guys were awesome to work with!!

Date: December 1, 2012

First Song: “At Last” – Etta James

Becky’s Occupation: I graduated with a degree in illustration, still trying to figure out what I want to do with it… artist? I still do a little work on the side.

Steven’s Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

How You Met: We met at church. We started talking between services and hit it off so well he asked me on a date that same day.

Interesting Bride Fact: Can’t dance.

Interesting Groom Fact: Best griller in the world…according to the bride. :)

Honeymoon Location: A cabin near Gatlinburg, TN. Yay mountains! :)

Ceremony and Reception Location: Caffe Luna // Raleigh, NC

Officiant: Doug Van Ness (friend)

DJ: Keshan

Florist/Hair/Makeup/: Becky

Cake: Cinda’s Creative Cakes

Caterer: Caffe Luna

Coordinator: Jenny

Kathy and Andrew are the best. We had only met Kathy for our consult about their wedding as Andrew had already moved to Chicago (Kathy was following him shortly… not in a creepy following way, but more of a fiancé-following way). We adored Kathy, and likewise adored Andrew when he introduced himself to us at their rehearsal not because he knew who we were, but because “I saw a beard and thought I was familiar with all the beards associated with this wedding.”

They had a wedding full of awesome places and ridiculous pictures… the girls scrambled to get ready while the guys got ready for about 5 seconds and then watched SNL Celebrity Jeopardy videos. We had no control over the bridal party who operated like one big mind of crazy (but crazy in a funny-good way). “Okay, guys, now we’re going to take a picture across the street!” (nobody follows, I turn around). “Oh, okay, you’re playing basketball now. We’ll go with that then.” We loved them. They were all awesome. They also had a groomsmen named Geoff who also had a beard.

We also loved them because they ended their night with an afterparty at Neptunes playing pingpong. Because who doesn’t love a bride and groom playing pingpong at midnight on a Sunday downtown? Guys, we hope you like these pictures so that we can come stay with you in Chicago without any weirdness.

Date: November 11, 2012

First Song: “You’re My Best Friend” – Queen

Kathy’s Occupation: Marketing

Andrew’s Occupation: Architecture

How You Met: On the interwebs (

Interesting Bride Fact: I will try anything once, including flying trapeze (fabulous), a juice cleanse (terrible idea), and moving to Chicago (so far so good!).

Interesting Groom Fact: Sang in an a cappella group in college (Grains of Time). Still sings in the shower.

Honeymoon Location: France! We’re going in 2013 and plan to wear berets and overindulge on wine, cheese, and baguettes.

Ceremony and Reception Location: The Stockroom // Raleigh, NC

Officiant: Rev. Lynne Campbell

DJ: Ipod

Florist: DIY

Cake: Tizzerts // Charlotte, NC

Caterer: Side Street Restaurant

Hair: Jessica Edelblute

Makeup: Esther Wallace