We’ve always liked Katie and Phil because they’ve always been super chill about their wedding: realistic and not overly-concerned and very “go with the flow” type of people. Also because they have a cat named Carlton. On the day of their wedding, Katie donned a pretty fabulous stole that she found at some thrift store and repurposed for wedding attire, and which I enjoyed wearing over my bomber jacket between takes (I looked good). Considering that we were shooting downtown in a bit of a wind tunnel on an already windy day and in the cold, the stole kept us pretty warm, and the wind contributed to lots of model-hair shots so we couldn’t be too upset with it.

They had a friend-filled cast for their vendors, including a friend officiant, a friend wedding planner, videography done by the guests with iphones (Wedit is awesome), and a catering staff that Katie works with, who all, at one point, joined them on the dance floor. I was also taking photos of some details when I heard my name being called and turned to greet Steve and Becky, who were wedding clients of ours way back in 2012! Katie and Phil were also apparently at that wedding but none of us made the connection. We also had future clients of ours, Jasmine and Joel, who also greeted us at Katie and Phil’s reception, so it was a big happy reunion/meeting. It’s a small world indeed, and I think the fact that our clients are friends without realizing they have a photographer in common is testament to the fact that our clients have good taste. ;) Congratulations, Katie and Phil!

  • Date: November 13, 2015
  • Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Stockroom at 230 // Raleigh, NC
  • First Dance Song: “La Vie En Rose” – Louis Armstrong
  • Katie’s Occupation: Project Manager at INC
  • Phil’s Occupation: Manager at Char-Grill
  • How You Met: We went to high school together
  • Interesting Fact: Katie is really good at predicting what is going to happen in TV shows. Phil can juggle.
  • Honeymoon: Tulum, Mexico
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Mike Thomson, friend | DJ – Kevin Marjoros | Florist – Bride | Cake – Fresh Market | Caterer – Rocky Top | Hair – Lauren Munns | Makeup – Michelle Clark | Videographer – Wedit | Coordinator – Leslie Wadel

When we first met Bob, he was deathly afraid of cats (see his interesting fact below). However, come their wedding day, we were informed that Bob is getting over his fear of cats, of which we’re very proud. We wouldn’t have held his cat fear against him, of course, but our cats might’ve. So it’s good that we’re all on the same page now.

Bob is one of the least serious people we’ve ever met (in a good way) and is always joking around (so you wouldn’t exactly suspect him of a cat phobia… which is, perhaps, what the cats are banking on). Mckenzie is super sweet. Their bridal party was one of the nicest ones we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and that says a lot about Bob and Mckenzie. They put up with a lot of things from us (walking in semi-sketchy locations and standing in front of caricatures of fruit) without complaint. Mckenzie and Bob’s wedding involved a lot of happiness, a lot of partying, some pinwheels, a dash of trolley transportation, and a gold coin Mckenzie kept in her shoe that her sister, her mother, and her grandmother all wore in their shoes on their wedding days (the penny was kept in a box with the label of all the names and dates of the weddings – an adorable idea!).

Their cake topper was a Mckenzie and Bob, sitting on a couch, with Bob playing Skyrim and Mckenzie on her iPad. It was pretty amazing. And accurate. Here are our favorites from the day.

Date: April 20, 2013

Ceremony Venue: Sacred Heart Cathedral // Raleigh, NC

Reception Venue: Cobblestone Hall // Raleigh, NC

First Dance Song: “Carolina in My Mind” – James Taylor

Mckenzie’s Occupation: Accountant

Bob’s Occupation: Software Engineer

How You Met: Mutual friends.

Interesting Bride Fact: Most indecisive person ever, I think.

Interesting Groom Fact: Used to be a stand up comedian who is deathly afraid of cats.

Honeymoon Destination: St. Lucia

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Father Schriber | DJ – Collin Y | Florist – Flueressence | Cake – Simply Cakes | Caterer – Rocky Top Hospitality | Hair/Makeup – Carla White | Cake Pops – Raleigh Cake Pops

Remember Lauren and Nick? They probably look familiar from jumping off baggage carousels at the airport for their engagement session. Their wedding was equally impressive and entertaining on all fronts.

Fun facts: 1.) They played Rockabye Baby lullaby renditions of Pearl Jam songs for their ceremony seating 2.) Lauren handmade all of the paper flowers for the bridesmaid bouquets and the boutonnieres 3.) Their friend made delicious cupcakes (and gluten-free ones!) and I ate them happily 4.) Lauren’s shoes had giant birds on them and were the best things I’ve seen in a long time and I should probably buy these for myself right now 5.) Their first dance was to Hall and Oates. And what self respecting person doesn’t love themselves some Hall and Oates?

The weather was gorgeous, the bride and groom were gorgeous, and we had a fantastic time. They let me put their rings on sushi and weren’t afraid of a little graffiti or slightly muddy/train track conditions. Lauren informed me that her dress was bought online and also comes in blue, so as soon as I can think of an opportunity to wear a dress this fabulous, I’ll buy it. Congratulations on your marriage, friends, and we hope to see you at a Pearl Jam concert real soon.

Date: April 6, 2013

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Stockroom // Raleigh, NC

First Dance Song: “You Make My Dreams” – Hall & Oates

Lauren’s Occupation: Building Science Specialist at Advanced Energy

Nick’s Occupation: Senior Finance Associate at Delta Airlines

How You Met: AmeriCorps! Gettin’ things done for ‘merica.

Interesting Bride Fact: She moved her entire life (at one time), including a bike and a snowboard, from Florida to North Carolina in her Honda Insight (no… not the 4 door version… think the two door hatchback).

Interesting Groom Fact: He ate 40 chicken nuggets in 7 minutes. And the last minute was used to leisurely consume the last couple – rubbing his triumph in the face of his competition.

Honeymoon Destination: SOUTH AFRICA (Antartica is the only continent left after this!)

Vendor Credits: Officiant – Friend Kirsta Egger | DJ – Spotify | Florist – English Garden for Lauren, hand-made paper flowers by Lauren for the bridesmaids | Cupcake Maker Extraodinarie – Meg Fanney | Kolache Nut Roll Production Team – Paul and Stephanie Westmoreland | Italian Pignoli Baker – Lisa Bendz | Caterer – Green Planet Catering | Hair – Alter Ego | Dress – Tadashi Shoji