Anne and Brian!! It feels like we’ve known them forever, but that’s probably because when we’re not talking about weddings we’re messaging each other about Game of Thrones or Neku Atsume. These guys are possibly the nicest people on Planet Earth. We met Anne when she was a bridesmaid in Susan+Michael’s wedding. And I’m pretty sure Brian was there too, but we didn’t meet him then. But we LOVED Anne for her super kindness and gentle and wonderful demeanor, and we were SO excited when she emailed us about her wedding. And then we met Brian, who is ALSO some sort of kindness superhero and our hearts exploded. Anne sent us a Jon Snow Christmas card last year which we subsequently framed because yes, and Brian surprised us with dessert when we were at Sitti with other clients for dinner because there literally aren’t nicer people in this world. And because they are so nice, the rain gods decided to smile on them this day which was supposed to be entirely rained out, but only ended up sprinkling a bit at the reception (yay!). So we ended up with a beautiful ceremony at All Saints Chapel and then a tasty, tasty reception at Sitti. Because if you can’t tell, Anne and Brian have really good taste as evident by 1.) marrying each other, 2.) collecting cats via a cell phone app, 3.) providing us with a ton of garlic whip at their Sitti reception, and 4.) thinking that Jon Snow is way too good for Daenerys (there, I said it). Also, 99% of their wedding reception playlist was Prince, sooooo.

  • Date: June 5, 2016
  • Ceremony Venue: All Saints Chapel // Raleigh, NC
  • Reception Venue: Sitti // Raleigh, NC
  • First Dance Song: “I Only Have Eyes For You” – The Flamingos
  • Anne’s Occupation: English Professor
  • Brian’s Occupation: Service Industry
  • How You Met: Through a mutual friend at The Pit (and with a little help from Leonard Cohen!)
  • Interesting Fact: Anne and Brian love to travel; she’s been to Paris 6 times and he’s been to 21 countries!
  • Honeymoon: Negril, Jamaica
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Julie Mayberry, Friend Extraordinaire. DJ – Chico Scott. Florist – Fallon’s. Cake – Will Fredes of Decadent Desserts. Caterer – Sitti. Hair+Makeup – Makeup For Your Day. Videographer – Chase Colburn. Coordinator – Julie Mayberry.

We’ve always liked Katie and Phil because they’ve always been super chill about their wedding: realistic and not overly-concerned and very “go with the flow” type of people. Also because they have a cat named Carlton. On the day of their wedding, Katie donned a pretty fabulous stole that she found at some thrift store and repurposed for wedding attire, and which I enjoyed wearing over my bomber jacket between takes (I looked good). Considering that we were shooting downtown in a bit of a wind tunnel on an already windy day and in the cold, the stole kept us pretty warm, and the wind contributed to lots of model-hair shots so we couldn’t be too upset with it.

They had a friend-filled cast for their vendors, including a friend officiant, a friend wedding planner, videography done by the guests with iphones (Wedit is awesome), and a catering staff that Katie works with, who all, at one point, joined them on the dance floor. I was also taking photos of some details when I heard my name being called and turned to greet Steve and Becky, who were wedding clients of ours way back in 2012! Katie and Phil were also apparently at that wedding but none of us made the connection. We also had future clients of ours, Jasmine and Joel, who also greeted us at Katie and Phil’s reception, so it was a big happy reunion/meeting. It’s a small world indeed, and I think the fact that our clients are friends without realizing they have a photographer in common is testament to the fact that our clients have good taste. ;) Congratulations, Katie and Phil!

  • Date: November 13, 2015
  • Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Stockroom at 230 // Raleigh, NC
  • First Dance Song: “La Vie En Rose” – Louis Armstrong
  • Katie’s Occupation: Project Manager at INC
  • Phil’s Occupation: Manager at Char-Grill
  • How You Met: We went to high school together
  • Interesting Fact: Katie is really good at predicting what is going to happen in TV shows. Phil can juggle.
  • Honeymoon: Tulum, Mexico
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Mike Thomson, friend | DJ – Kevin Marjoros | Florist – Bride | Cake – Fresh Market | Caterer – Rocky Top | Hair – Lauren Munns | Makeup – Michelle Clark | Videographer – Wedit | Coordinator – Leslie Wadel

We booked Ashley and Kyle sometime last year and they quickly became the #1 supplier of funny cat videos to my Facebook page, and for that I’m forever grateful. At their wedding they had a large wall of personal photos and later in the night I was checking them out, only to discover a photo of Ashley taken at about 5 or 6 at her birthday party, wearing a seriously badass Lion King shirt and sitting next to a giant cat cake and a pile of Lisa Frank cat-themed party hats. We would’ve totally been elementary school BFFs, but now we’ll just have to settle for 30-some BFFS who still celebrate their birthdays with Lisa Frank party hats (I just found a pack of 8 cat ones on Etsy for $10.80. Let’s do this).

Regarding their wedding, it was awesome and comic booked themed! They had different characters at each table, and Kyle gave me permission to open one of his older Batman ones to use for the ring shots, which made me kind of nervous, but also feel super cool. This also gave me the opportunity to look at the sweet ads for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cereal. Anyway – it was super neat, and super indicative of the offbeat adorableness of Ashley and Kyle that makes us love them so much. Congratulations, guys!

  • Date: July 11, 2015
  • Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Stockroom // Raleigh, NC
  • First Dance Song: “Chemicals Collide” – Cloud Cult
  • Ashley’s Occupation: Attorney
  • Kyle’s Occupation: HRIS Specialist at BB&T
  • How You Met:
  • Interesting Fact: Ashley can run a 6:45 mile. Kyle currently owns 473 comic books; the oldest is from 1966.
  • Honeymoon: Jamaica!
  • Vendor Credits: Officiant – Nick Garvey (close friend) | DJ – Randy Bennett of Joe Bunn DJ Company | Cake – Whole Foods | Caterer – Catering Works | Hair/Makeup – The Junction | Coordinator – Whitney Davis