We were lucky enough to meet Christina+Steven through Brandy+Andrew (recognize the church? Recognize the exact same picture of Andrew and his dad crying, only this time Christina’s in it instead of Andrew, and the picture is inverted?) and we couldn’t have been happier to have our paths crossed with theirs (and of COURSE to work with Pat and Geoff, the amazing parents of Christina, Andrew, and Becca… who put up with us again the second time around… thanks guys!). :)

Christina and Steven are pretty amazingly goofy. The type of goofy that you don’t see in couples as much as you should. They are silly and make funny faces at you and know all about sharks and play a card game called Munchkin that Geoff and I really love that is super goofy. They’re just fun. And their wedding was equally fun. But add cats into the mix. Really cute cats. Well, one cat more than the other, and a really cute dog. They separated their cat/dog siblings to take to their different places of getting ready so they could be included in the pictures. Leo the cat was cool with most of it, but decided to leave the room once the dress was being put on in a way that very much said, “Woah, this is a situation for ladies, not Leo the cat.”

We had a super great time at this wedding and were so happy to work with these two and their whole happy clan in Pittsburgh yet again. Hope you’re having a stellar time in Hawaii, guys! By the looks of it via Facebook, you ran into an unfortunate sea urchin incident, but seem to have recovered nicely. ;)

First Dance Song: “I’ve Had The Time of My Life” / “Dirty Bit”

Christina’s Occupation: Technical Marketing Manager at EMD Chemicals

Steven’s Occupation: Carpenter

How You Met: Maid of Honor set them up

Interesting Bride Fact: Obsessed with sharks and science

Interesting Groom Fact: He is very outdoorsy

Honeymoon Destination: Maui and Kauai, Hawaii

Ceremony Location: St. Joseph Parish // Pittsburgh, PA

Reception Location: Pittsburgh Field Club // Pittsburgh, PA

Officiant: Father Thom

DJ: DJ Marty

Florist: By George Floral and Antiques

Cake: Bella Christie

Caterer: Pittsburgh Field Club

Hair: Chris Murdock

Videographer: Mastroianni Video Productions

Photo Booth: AH Photo Booths