Here we go! Let the embarrassment begin. Welcome to our 4th annual Making Fools of Ourselves blog post (also lovingly referred to as “How Many Hairstyles Can Carolyn Have in One Year?”). You’ll find that not much has changed since we first started this. Geoff’s main facial expression is still lovingly annoyed with me and/or chronically surprised, while pictures of me range from tired to excited to panicked to happy to fist-pumping to Journey going on hour 9 of 10 in a totally delirious state. We laid on a lot of floors, wrangled a lot of dogs, recovered from tendonitis only to get it again only to recover again only to get it again, ruined a lot of one another’s pictures, talked to a bunch of guests we don’t know, let our hair grow only to shave one side of it only to cut it completely off only to grow it in again. A lot of people on social media try to present the best versions of themselves, but we’re firm believers in presenting your worst. That way, you know, it can only go up. Here’s to 2014.