Long-time CSP readers of the blog will recognize some beloved clients of mine here, Erika and Emmanuel, and their incredible kid! In fact, we ran into one of my other clients in the lobby of the Museum of Life and Science while we were checking in, and he recognized Emmanuel! Amazing. It’s a small world, folks. I’ve loved working with these guys forever. They’re smiley and upbeat and positive and adorable. They love each other and their kid and are always a joy to work with. Their kid is AN INCREDIBLE HUMAN. He is hilarious, polite, intelligent, curious, and creative. He made me a bat clip for my hair (honored). He loves looking at bugs and talking about bugs. He can identify his mom’s favorite butterfly, as well as butterflies that are close to his mom’s favorite butterfly, and he points those ones out too. He is a little ray of sunshine. He likes posing and taking pictures and smiling directly into the camera. He’s a little ham, and exactly a 50/50 Erika/Emmanuel split. It’s been wonderful taking photos of this family for so long. A huge thanks to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC for their permission to shoot at their campus.

Lindsey and Jacques have been a part of our little client family for several years now, and we are so lucky to have them and know them. We’ve photographed them for both their family photos and business photos, and it’s been so fun seeing them grow! It’s also been fun watching their two creative and intelligent daughters start to draw and write stories of their own, taking after Jacques’s comic book business. But this is our very first time working just solo with Lindsey and Jacques as a couple, sans their kids, family members, or business talk! And we got to know a ton about them… mostly Lindsey’s Star Trek preferences and what books are most important for them to save if they had to choose (they have an extensive library)… BUT ALSO just how good this couple is together. They love and support each other, and most importantly, they laugh with (and at) each other. They are truly hilarious, and kept each other laughing and smiling through the shoot. Also LOOK HOW GOOD THEY LOOK. That dress! That foulard (designed by Ikir√© Jones, the same artist who created the foulard for Black Panther)! They are so fabulous. This was the day of their 10th wedding anniversary (and 17 years together total!), and we were so honored that they chose to spend it with us, but so glad we could document them together, laughing and having each other as partners in life. We love ya’ll! Happy anniversary!

This is, proudly, the second bridesmaid of our beloved past client Carly that we’ve had the pleasure of photographing! Carly seems to permeate most things we do, and we’re totally okay with that because we love her. Carly’s mom even was accidentally present at a consult we had with Tory and her mom! So everything’s like a small little circle of Carly and we love it. We’re so glad that we were introduced to Tory, who is a kind, hilarious, creative soul who loves lemurs. Her sister-in-law Sara works at the Duke Lemur Center, and they just started recently doing weddings there, so it was a perfect fit! You guys, we learned a lot about lemurs. They live in Madagascar and are the only primates there. There are so many species of lemurs that they’ve all developed distinct traits – from the color of their coat and eyes, to different things they eat, to different ways of behaving in order to all survive together. Plus, did you know John Cleese likes lemurs? He’s a frequent visitor to the Duke Lemur Center (because why not?). Tory and I have a mutual love for Monty Python so this was an extra exciting bonus for her venue choice.

On the morning of the wedding, I hadn’t yet met Adam, and I asked Tory what he was like. She said, “Oh, he’s so friendly. He will make friends with anyone!” and I totally agree. Adam is an absolutely delightful human being. He’s incredibly friendly with a big smile and a great laugh, and everyone had really great, endearing stories to tell about both him and Tory all day. Tory’s brother officiated the wedding, adding several adorable stories of his own (including a lot about Tory’s love for all things chart, graph, and data-related, so when later in the night I found a huge graph detailing her father’s sense of humor I was not surprised to learn she had made it). The reception was held in Tory’s parents’ house, which is an incredible midcentury modern work of art… complete with a lemur Christmas tree. Everything was personalized and perfect.

We did discover on the day of the wedding that Adam is mildly (like 5%) afraid of lemurs. None of us knew this (including Adam) until we directly approached said lemurs. And I have to say, while they’re incredibly adorable, I think something about their intense beady eyed stare and quick movements does make them a tad intimidating (the lemurs, not Tory and Adam). We were lucky enough to have access to part of the center where the lemurs roam free in the forest, and were immediately approached by a lemur named Nacho and his friend. I don’t remember the friend’s name because Nacho just really stuck with me because I really like nachos. Tory’s excitement is evidenced in her face in these pictures, while Adam stands a bit behind her, usually gripping her shoulders, like he might use her as a shield if a lemur got too close. I don’t blame him, as I used a telephoto to photograph them… just in case.

Date: July 14, 2018
Ceremony Venue: Duke Lemur Center // Durham, NC
Reception Venue: Private Residence // Durham, NC
First Dance Song: “Painting by Chagal” – Weepies cover performed by Tory’s Aunt Victoria Clark, cousin Thomas Luke Guest, and accompanied by cousin Kyle Anderson
How You Met: As reluctant attendees of a fundraiser in Boston
Honeymoon: Cycling through Ireland and Scotland
Officiant: Banks Clark (Tory’s brother)
DJ: DJ Jay Mik
Florist: Tory!
Cake: Monuts
Caterer: Durham Catering
Hair/Makeup: Tiffany at Arrow Salon
Coordinator: Nancy Kelly
Ceremony Treat: Locopops