Long-time CSP readers of the blog will recognize some beloved clients of mine here, Erika and Emmanuel, and their incredible kid! In fact, we ran into one of my other clients in the lobby of the Museum of Life and Science while we were checking in, and he recognized Emmanuel! Amazing. It’s a small world, folks. I’ve loved working with these guys forever. They’re smiley and upbeat and positive and adorable. They love each other and their kid and are always a joy to work with. Their kid is AN INCREDIBLE HUMAN. He is hilarious, polite, intelligent, curious, and creative. He made me a bat clip for my hair (honored). He loves looking at bugs and talking about bugs. He can identify his mom’s favorite butterfly, as well as butterflies that are close to his mom’s favorite butterfly, and he points those ones out too. He is a little ray of sunshine. He likes posing and taking pictures and smiling directly into the camera. He’s a little ham, and exactly a 50/50 Erika/Emmanuel split. It’s been wonderful taking photos of this family for so long. A huge thanks to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC for their permission to shoot at their campus.

Katy and Mike are friends of ours through Kelly+Danny and Beth+David and also through their love of little mousey critters and Halloween. They love Halloween as much as we do, but are better at scary movies, so now they’ve taken us under their wing to introduce us to strange new things. Lois, their daughter, is going to be very well versed in the strange and unusual, but is already quite knowledgeable at how to be freaking adorable. Look at those plaid pants! Also, I think she’s one of maybe 5 toddlers under 2 on the planet with a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds poster in her play room. Also – a badass Edgar Allen Poe pillow. We think that Lois has a 99.5% chance of turning out to be the coolest kid ever but she also has a 0.5% chance of teenage rebellion that would involve listening to only boy bands and watching a lot of CBS shows. The odds are clearly in her favor to be super cool, but she also ripped up a comic in front of our eyes and seemed pleased while doing so, so we’re unclear on her motives just yet. It is certain, however, that she loves space and space helmets, so if she turned out to watch a lot of CSI we could probably forgive her if she’s an astronaut. In the meantime her parents will continually coach her on how to have really good taste in everything while coaching us on movies we haven’t heard of but will undoubtably love. We’ll take the opportunity to hang out with wonderful people and to slowly but surely steal all of their furniture and decor while they aren’t looking and load it into our hatchback over a long enough period of time that they won’t notice.