We are so lucky to have connected with Jen and Jon, and not just because Jen is also Celiac so pointed us to a great restaurant called Over the Falls in Wake Forest where we all went after their engagement session to eat gluten free chicken fingers, but because they are genuinely wonderful human beings who care quite a bit about themselves and their sweet dog. Before their engagement session, they warned us not to approach Sam, the adorable black fluffy face of a doggo that you see pictured before you. She isn’t aggressive and doesn’t bite, but she is easily startled and afraid of humans. The problem is that she’s really, really cute and really, really fluffy and anytime there is a fluffy animal in front of me I just want to hug it. So it required a great deal of self-control to not hug or pet Sam, and I spent most of the session clawing at my own face and gritting my teeth in baby voices in order to restrain myself. I did briefly forget and try to pet her, and she jumped really high and then I jumped really high and terrified reactions were had all around. Still think she’s cute.

They also warned me that Jon is the human version of Sam, but I’m pretty sure we gave him a hug at the end of the night and he didn’t jump. Him and Jen are pretty adorable human creatures who enjoy comics and Pokemon and good television shows and walking around with their pup and occasionally dressing said pup as Pikachu. Jon is a lifting instructor and lifted both Sam and Jen during their engagement session with great ease. Jen is an incredibly good sport who allowed herself to be lifted and frightened and tickled all for the sake of photography. We like them both a whole lot and are so excited to photograph their wedding at the new Wakefield Barn in November! It’s a new venue that looks incredible, and we’re sure Jen and Jon will make it look even better (also Sam, who will make it look fluffier).